96 the life of ram psi5C9WM3i0 150x84 - [96] The life of Ram

[96] The life of Ram

Another beautiful and philosophical song from #KarthiNetha. Where he talks of renouncing the name-sake life and captures the moments where a person lives completely, as man is intended to be.. #GovindVasantha’s music spins a beauty and makes you feel good along with the energetic and charismatic voice of #PradeepKumar. Movie: 96 Lyrics: Karthik Netha Singer: […]

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Anthaathi 150x68 - [96] Anthaathi / Peranbe

[96] Anthaathi / Peranbe

One of those rare songs that elevate you to another dimension in terms of music, language, lyrics, voice, modulation, pitches and what not.. Even the casting seems to be special.. Definitely worth the hype this song has gathered.. Hats off to #KarthikNetha for describing the nuances of Love using the wondrous words of Tamizh! I […]

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lkPI 45gxBw 150x84 - [96] Konjum / Kaathalae

[96] Konjum / Kaathalae

A very beautiful song with fresh music and some poignant words! Headphones recommended for best experience! Get lost in to this music! Movie: 96 Lyrics: Karthik Netha Singers: Chinmayi, Govind Vasantha Music Director: Govind Vasantha கொஞ்சும் பூரணமே வா.. நீ… கொஞ்சும் ஏழிசையே.. பஞ்சவர்ண பூதம்.. நெஞ்சம் நிறையுதே.. காண்பதெல்லாம் காதலடி.. Konjum Pooraname Vaa.. Nee… Konjum Ezhisaye.. Panjavarna Boodham.. Nenjam […]

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[Vaagai Sooda Vaa] Poraney Poraney

Another Gem from Vaagai sooda Vaa! Movie: Vaagai Sooda Vaa Poet: Karthik Netha Singers: Ranjith & Neha Bhasin Music Director: M. Ghibran Song sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(7)-(8)-(9)-(2)-(1)-(1) (1) போறானே போறானே காத்தோட தூத்தலப் போல போறானே போறானே போவாமத் தான் போறானே poaRaanae poaRaanae kaathoada thoothalap poala poaRaanae poaRaanae poavaamath thaan poaRaanae There he goes! moving away from me, like the […]

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