[Indira] Thoda thoda..

One of the mesmerising tunes of ARR Movie: Indira Lyricist: Vairamuthu Singers: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chithra Music Director: A.R.Rahman Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(4)-(6)-(4)-(2)-(1) (1) தொடத் தொட மலர்ந்ததென்ன … பூவே தொட்டவனை மறந்ததென்ன.. thodath thoda malarndhdhadhenna … poovae thottavanai maRandhdhadhenna.. Oh dear flower, you bloomed with the touches.. But why forget the one who touched you? (2) […]

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