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ranganathan (@aranga53)



Please translate – Ratha Kaneer – Kutram Purinthavan


Hi Dhamo, Thanks for your suggestions. We will add them ASAP.


Could you please translate the song “Thenmerku Paruvakatru” from Karuthamma ?


Please translate ethai ninaithom from the movie Kaaka mutai. Nalla thathuvam


Please translate English meaning of ‘ Enna nadanthalum ‘ song in meesaya murukku


Can you please add the English lyrics for this song -Pudhukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan – Malargale Thank you =)


Dope Track – Single ft., Yuvan Shankar Raja | Pyaar Prema Kaadhal | Harish Kalyan, Raiza | Elan
Please add this song =) Thank you!


Please translate the “Oru Naalum Unai Maravatha” from the movie “Ejamaan”


Please translate- Jodi-Oru Poiyavadhu
Sachein-Kanmoodi Thirukumbodhu
Vaseegara-Venam Venam
Pammal K Sambandam-Sakalakala


Please translate : Vaidegi Kathirundal – Azhagu Malar Aada


Please provide song Nenjinile Nenjinile lyrics from film uyirae

Gautham Krishnan

Hi, can you please post a translation of “Naanagiya Nadhimoolame” from “Vishwaroopam 2”

Shandilya Ajjarapu

Please translate ‘Hey Nijame’, from Enai Noki Paayum Thota


“Senjitaley” from Remo and by the by every song


Rekka filim -kannai kaddu add trasulation


Pl translate rakka filim ,kannai kaddu pothum song.

Kishore Shanmugavel

translate Unne kaanadha naan song from Vishwaroopam movie


Hi, you may want to add the following songs
1. Ennada pollatha vazkai – fm Thapoo thalangal
[Edit: ]
2.Pichaipatrium – Naan Kadaavul
[Edit: ]
3, Appanendrun – Guna
[Edit: ]
4. Manithan ninaipadhundo – Avanthan manidan
5. Nalla pillaikalai nambi – I think the movie name is Petral than pillaiya

Tamil Rasigan

Hey Thanks Vijay, True.. these are wonderful songs… I shall add them 🙂


Dear boss, I know u do translation of Tamil songs..wud u like to make an exception? I having been dying to understand the meaning of this poem narrated by Kamalhasan in a TV show…pls..pls..can u help me understand this better with ur superb english translation…

Tamil Rasigan

wow! this poem is awesome 🙂 may be a bit farfetched for me …. but I will try… come back for updates in a couple of days 🙂


Hi, giving you a golden song of the 70’s…guess this song clearly talks about the irony of our existence. Can you translate the following song
1. Orukkum vetkam ellai, endha ulakagkkum vetkam ellai, yaarukkum vetkam ellai – Movie name Yaarukkum Vetkam ellai

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Vijay, Thanks for the suggestion. I cannot find the song anywhere and haven’t heard it before. Can you give me a link where I can hear the song 🙂


Hi,let me try as well. This was a famous song sung by Yesudas fm the movie with the same name….Yarukkum vetkamm ellai…the basic story line of this movie was written by Cho ramasamy…Jayalalitha acted in this movie as a women of “negotiable” character…let me also chk on any links and get back to you. Tks

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Maria, Thanks for the suggestion. Nice song. Will add it in soon 🙂


In the song, “veedu varai uravu”, the following lines are translated this way:

sendravanai ketaal,
vandhuvidu enbaan,
vandhavanai ketaal,
sendruvidu enbaan,

[ You ask a person who has left (Dead),
He will ask you to go with him,
You ask a person who has come (Newborn),
He will ask you to go back]

I somehow feel it is not interpreted right. I still am not able to find the right meaning. Any other possible interpretation?

Tamil Rasigan

Hi ilikenature,

I think what the poet wants to convey (according to me) is that , the only place where there is solace is in death. So you ask a person who is dead, he says “you come with me” (since it is in death that there is peace?), similarly you ask a new born (who has reincarnated after undergoing death in his previous birth), he too will tell you to go back . Death is peace 🙂 .

Wonder if my interpretation is right? your thoughts?


the song yanaien palam ethileh tumbikaileh,manitanuda palam ethileh nambikaieleh.add together

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Nithiaraja,
I have no clue about where to get the song… can you give me details about the name of the movie etc … to locate the song?

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks tnkrishnan, Will add it.

Sharmila Angeline

Irendu Manam Vendum …classic poetry from Vasantha Maaligai. There is sustenance in these old beauties and your blog has helped me through so many of them .Always grateful. Also used your notes on Amaidhiyaana Nadhiyinile Oadum for a youtube video grateful.

Tamil Rasigan

Thank you Sharmila, I am glad the blog has helped. I request you to please spread the word :). Will add the song you suggested soon.

Sharmila Angeline

Spread the word…that I did with my video 🙂 (hope you can see this link) …on my channel (sharmilaangeline)…with your help, I really do wish to make my uploads more meaningful. Amaithiyaana Nadhiyinile is being lapped up by hungry ears ..thank you so much! 🙂

Tamil Rasigan

Ah great! Cheers..


I have a suggestion;A very good philosophical song in the movie Ratha Kaneer ; It starts with the word Valavayadagi….It teaches a good lesson to those who are immoral and arrogant
I hope you include it and find the lyrics.i will be happy to translate it

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Soundar, Thanks for the suggestion. I will find the lyrics and pass it to you. Thanks a lot for agreeing to help with the translation


Do you have a song written by Shri.Varimuthu.
Which is played in Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchy electric crematorium……….. by Rotary club. It is a superb song composed exclusively for this place. I have never listened to this song out side

Tamil Rasigan

Dear Iramchandra, I am sorry , I am unaware of the song.

Mohan Ekambaram

Jenmam Nirainthathu sendravar Song

R. Mahendra Raj

How about the song ‘Naalu Peruku Nandri’ (Sangey Muzhangu 1970)? No other poet, whether living or dead, has written such a song as though a dead person is singing. Who else can, except the great Kaviarasar Kannadhasan, who has been always the first trendsetter of such novelties.


Tamil Rasigan

The song is fantastic. Will add it soon. Thanks a lot.

R. Mahendra Raj

Dear TR, also the song ‘Undaaki vittavargal Rendu Peyru, Ingey Konduvanthu Pottavargal Naalu Peyru’ a solo song by TMS written by Kannadhasan and lip-synced by MGR for ‘Muharaasi'(1966). I would like to suggest that you try and link this Forum with the Forum Hub where I see beautiful transliteration of Tamil songs into English. The Fiorum users over there will possibly volunteer I suppose so why not give a try?

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks for the suggestion Mahendra Raj, I have tried to post about the blog there.

Muthiah V

nice work, tamizh rasigare!!! its so good to read some of the classical songs the language have ever witnessed… i used to do little singing and all humming, for some of the good old songs for which i do not know the lyrics… im glad that i can find the lyrics of those songs here… thanks for that…

i too have some suggestions here – enna thaan nadakkum nadakattume & acham enbathu madamaiyda….


Please keep on rocking…

Keshav Reddy

Hi, can anyone tell me the name of the song being used in the electric crematorium in Tamil Nadu. I know its written by Kannadaasan.


Your translation are really nice and awsome ..All The Best for further posts…try this song செம்பூவே பூவே – சிறைச்சாலை


Thanks Kuzhalini… Will add it in due course…


Could you please translate the following song.. Manathil enna ninaivugalo….


Hi, I don’t know if this is exactly a thathuva paadal, but many times I have been inspired by the lyrics, the song is “Mazhai thuli” from Sangamam. And when it comes to kamal hasan, “Yaar Yaar sivam” from Anbe Sivam. Then, in black and white there is a very good song, “aasaiye alai pole”

Thanks and please ignore if you had already added these songs..


hey i need engae pogudho vaanam lyrics meaning of kochadaiyaan movie could u

ganesh g

I want the meaning of
kulathadi meen adhu pei mazhai kettapol
ulathadi nzhayam kepavan naan
talaipadum kariyum thavarana kudidum
mannakural kepilum keladhu irrupavan
pirrarmannai nokayil agavilaku yethayil
kulathadi min adhu pei mazhai ketapol
ulamodi naduvannnai irrunadhi karayanai
irrupavan sugipavan saggipavan naan
peru mazhai peidhadhil irru naddhi kudidum karaiyum illai nannum illai
yendru unarndhu vazhuvan
naalay yedhu aagum yenayavaaray polavum nyaanume ariyilen
vazhum kulathineer vazhyellam karikayil paraikadal pongi pralayame vandhadhuena
unnarndhapadi ningidum kulathadi meen adhu pei mazhai kettapol
ulathadi nzhayam kerpavan naan

a poem by kamal hassan in kollywood diaries
please let me know the meaning

video link :

Vibusan Pathmanathan

Hi! I’m fascinated by this song because of Kannadasan’s lyrics based on this real life experiences… I’ve heard he wrote the lyrics immediately after when he phoned his brother to ask money to buy expensive liquor, his brother shouted and refused to lend Kannadasan the money!

Original first verse:

அண்ணன் என்னடா தம்பி என்னடா
அவசரமான உலகத்திலே
ஆசைகொள்வதில் அர்த்தம் என்னடா
காசில்லாதவன் குடும்பத்திலே..

Translated first verse:

What is there in a older brother or a younger brother?
In this hasty world…
What is there in having dreams?
A poor person in the family…

(Sorry I’m only able to translate the first part of the lyrics, because I’m someone who’s learning tamil as my second language, so please excuse me!)

Vibusan Pathmanathan

Hi! I’ve been fascinated by “Annan Ennada Thambi Ennada” song since I’ve heard Kannadasan based this song on this real-life experiences… would you please translate the lyrics to this song?

Video link:


I salute you all Friends! And I would suggest the interpretation of this song:

Amma Jagadamba
Artist: Rayancha & Lalitha Sagari
Album: Kanaka Durga Pooja
Genre: Telugu

I met just a month ago, and I am in love with the music. I listen to every day, several times a day! However, I found no translation. And I would be very happy to see this beautiful song here! Please, if possible!

I will be grateful to you all.

from Germany,


Baasha song lyrics Needed


i did find official translation for the song called “Naduvan” Dr.Burn…..but would like to see a translation by you guys!! could you translate the same please?? 🙂


We will add it soon 🙂


hi. thank you for your kind effort translating tamil song for non-tamil speaker like me. anyway, can you please translate song from padayappa minsara kanna/poove? i can’t find the translation anywhere. thank you in advance!! 🙂

stirling moodley

your effort is truly outstanding. well done. 155 years ago our forefathers left India to work in sugar cane fields here in South Africa.Our heritage has therfore been limited until the last 20 years when apartheid ended.Your work has given me a deeper understanding of the poets and singers.


Hi Striling, Thanks for your words of appreciation. Indeed, it was for this very reason we started this website, now we are glad that it is helping people. Kindly spread the word in your community too.

Thanks again


Great work guyz.. can you please translate the following songs,
1. “Nadhi vellam” song from “Thanga Meengal” Movie
2. “kwajha Engal Kwajha” song from “Jodhaa Akbar” Movie
3. Uthama Villain songs
4. “Thaai thindra Manne” from “Aayirathil Oruvan”


Please translate the song “Vennilavin” from Duet. Thanks!


Hi Pravin,
Thanks for the suggestion! Please find the translation at
Do let us know your views on the translation.


Thanks a lot for fulfilling my request! I just saw it now 🙂

I have some more ARR song requests (I will keep asking I guess!!!):
Kaaviya Thalaivan: Alli Arjuna
Kadal: Anbin vaasale, Elay keechan


Hi Pravin,

You are welcome!

We are happy to have such beautiful song requests.. 🙂
We will be adding it in the coming week..

We would also like to know whether you liked our translation and point out areas of improvement.. 🙂



Please translate in english the song Sollathan Ninaikiren sollamal thavikiren from movie Kadhal sugamanathu.



Please translate “Thee pidika Thee pidika mutham codada” song.

Thank you.


hi could you please translate en sugama song from manithan.thank you.


i found it sorry !


hey there could you translate the en jeevan song from theri please along with the lyrics in sanskrit that goes like this : Ubaya kushala chirajeevana prasutadharitha manjulathara singaarey sancharey…
Adhararuchitha madhurithabaga sidhanaganata prashamaniratha..
Bhaandhavyeh maangalyeh..
Mamatavasapi samadashashata mugamanashuka sumanalayiva…
Susutasahidha kaamam viraharahitha baavam ..
Anandhabogam aaa jeevakaalam paashaanubandham kaalanu kaalam
Deivanupoolam kaamyarthasiddhim kaamayeh…..

Nik Fazrie Azrai Nik Awang

Hi Admin, thank you very much for translating my previous song request !! Really appreciate that !! and I have a song that I really want to know it translation. Here are the song I request for the meaning



firth, thanks for all translation
could you please translate the song thenana munana from Desam



Becoming a frequent visitor to your site. Haven’t found a site that provides accurate translation of Tamil song lyrics. Anyhow, I am back to suggest two more songs “Neeyum adi Naanum” and “Kurumthirai padamae” from Vil Ambu movie. Thanks so much in advance!


Hi! Just read Khwaja song from JodhaAkbar. God has no religion. It was delightful, thanks. I would suggest to translate MANMOHANA song as well so that everybody can get the blessings of Krishna…


Please translate Paadugiren and Vandhalle by the Luxmi Entertainers


who are they?

Shalaka Mohite

Hi, you have tremendous job by translating and making available many tamil songs. Thank you so much. Please translate Nee Illai Endral song from Dheena.

Tjay R

hi there could you translate anbe ithu nejamthana from rhythm please

Fatima Mohammed

Hi! Would you mind translating the lyrics of “Ennuyire ennuyire” – Uyire plz?


Hi, please translate Kadhal kappal from Iraivi


Hi, please translate Un mela ory kannu from Rajini Murugan. Thanks


Hi, I was listening to Bogan songs. I would like to know the meanings of Senthoora and Vaaraai vaarai. From what I have read and what little I could understand of the song’s literary Tamil lyrics, I could tell that “Vaaraai vaaraai” is quite an explicit song, with indirect, double meaning to its lyrics. I am sure that this kind of song writing is rarity in Tamil cinema. Please do correct me, if I am wrong.


Oru kadhal Devathai from Anbudan Please!!

Kanushaa Kamalanathan

Please Translate


Could you please translate the song “Un Maarbil Vizhi Moodi” from the movie Ninaithen Vanthaai ?
Thank youuuu

Preethi K

Please translate “Thalli Pogaadhe female version” lyrics


Could you please translate the song vaanum mannum from the movie kadhal mannan into English?

Tamil New Zealander

Hi Admin, could you please translate these 3 songs? I’ve been looking for translations for a long time, I’m Tamil but don’t know any Tamil as I was raised abroad

iolanda de luca

Could you please translate Vaanam from Pa Paandi movie in english? Thanks

iolanda de luca

actually, i search all english translation songs of movie Pa Paandi

iolanda de luca

please can you traslate in english this song from pa paandi? thanks The Life Of Power Paandi – Vaanam (Lyric Video) – Power Paandi – Rajkiran – Dhanush – Sean Roldan .mp4

Shyama Ranade

Venpani Malare and Paarthen from Power Paandi, please! Thanks!


Please translate into English complete song of tamil song “Yembutta Irukka Aasai” from “Saravanan Irrukka Bayam Yein” movie.

Viswesh Krishnan

Please translate கண்ணம்மா-என் காதலி

முகத்திரை களைதல்

Sasitharan Gonaseelan

Please Translate – Iravanai Thandha – Vellai Illa Pattadhaari 2

Thanks in advance..

Paul Arshan

Please translate Athangara Marame from Kizhakku Cheemayile


Please translate “yaanji yaanji” from the movie Vikram Vedha.


Hi, I am looking for the English translation of this song Enge Antha Vennila from the movie Varushamellam Vasantham


Could you please translate the song Kadhal Vanthum from the movie Saravana ?


could you please translate the song penne neeyum penna from movie priyamana thozhi?


Can you please translate Kappaleri Poyachu from Indian?

Ayyappan (Great fan of your website)

Roshni Begum

Hi, could you please translate Suttum Vizhi Sudare from Ghajini and if possible all Ghajini songs? I think Oru Maalai has already been translated on another website as I searched google but maybe you can develop it too and make it better ?


can you pls translate venpaniye munpaniye song from Ko movie??? thank you ?


Hi team,

You are all doing a great job. Well done and thank you all…♥

Would appreciate if you could upload the meaning of “Solladi Abirami” song from Adhiparasakthi.

I have copied the lyrics from Muthiah Muruheswari in Youtube video are as follows:

மணியே மணியின் ஒளியே ஒளிரும் அணிபுனைந்த வணியே
அணியும் அணிக்கழகே அணுகாதவர்க்குப் பிணியே
பிணிக்கு மருந்தே அமரர் பெரும் விருந்தே
பணியேன் ஒருவரை நின் பத்மபாதம் பணிந்த பின்னே
சொல்லடி அபிராமி சொல்லடி அபிராமி – வானில்
சுடர் வருமோ எனக்கு இடர் வருமோ?
பதில் சொல்லடி அபிராமி வானில்
சுடர் வருமோ எனக்கு இடர் வருமோ?
பதில் சொல்லடி அபிராமி
நில்லடி முன்னாலே நில்லடி முன்னாலே – முழு
நிலவினைக் காட்டு உன் கண்ணாலே
சொல்லடி அபிராமி
பல்லுயிரும் படைத்த பரமனுக்கே – சக்தி
படைத்ததெல்லாம் உன்தன் செயலல்லவோ?
பல்லுயிரும் படைத்த பரமனுக்கே – சக்தி
படைத்ததெல்லாம் உன்தன் செயலல்லவோ? – நீ
சொல்லுக்கெல்லாம் சிறந்த சொல்லல்லவோ? – நீ
சொல்லுக்கெல்லாம் சிறந்த சொல்லல்லவோ? – இந்த
சோதனை எனக்கல்ல உனக்கல்லவோ?
சொல்லடி அபிராமி
வாராயோ ஒரு பதில் கூறாயோ? – நிலவென
வாராயோ அருள் மழை தாராயோ?
வாராயோ ஒரு பதில் கூறாயோ? – நிலவென
வாராயோ அருள் மழை தாராயோ?
வானம் இடிபடவும் பூமி பொடிபடவும்
நடுவில் நின்றாடும் வடிவழகே
கொடிகளாட முடிகளாட குடிபடை
எழுந்தாட வரும் கலையழகே
பிள்ளை உள்ளம் துள்ளும் வண்ணம் பேரிகை
கொட்டி வர மத்தளமும் சத்தமிட
வாராயோ ஒரு பதில் கூறாயோ நிலவென
வாராயோ அருள் மழை தாராயோ?
செங்கையில் வண்டு கலிம் கலிம் என்று
ஜெயம் ஜெயம் என்றாட – இடை
சங்கதமென்று சிலம்பு புலம்பொடு
தண்டை கலந்தாட – இரு
கொங்கை கொடும்பகை வென்றனமென்று
குழைந்து குழைந்தாட – மலர்ப்
பங்கயமே உனைப் பாடிய பிள்ளை முன்
நிலவு எழுந்தாட
விரைந்து வாராயோ எழுந்து வாராயோ
கனிந்து வாராயோ
காளி பயங்கரி சூலி மதாங்கினி கண்களில் தெரிகின்றாள்
கண்கள் சிவந்திடும் வண்ணம் எழுந்தொரு காட்சியைத் தருகின்றாள்
வாழிய மகன் இவன் வாழிய என்றொரு வாழ்த்தும் சொல்கின்றாள்
வானகம் வையகம் எங்கணுமே ஒரு வடிவாய்த் தெரிகின்றாள்
எழில் வடிவாய்த்தெரிகின்றாள்
அன்னை தெரிகின்றாள் என் அம்மை தெரிகின்றாள்
அன்னை தெரிகின்றாள் என் அம்மை தெரிகின்றாள்
ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம்

Thank you very much with best regards,

Neha Sharma

Hi do you have translations for these 4 songs: Oru Maalai (Ghajini), Suttum Vizhi Sudare (Ghajini), Uyirin Uyire (Kaakha Kaakha), Ennai Konjum (Kaakha Kaakha)? If you could translate even 1 of those I will be so happy thank u so much

Tjay R

hi there please translate megamai vandu pogiren song


Hi lyrical delights team,

I would really like you to translate “Chinnanjiru vayadhil” – a poet Kannadhasan conception from the movie, Meendum Kokila. I originally thought this could be a Bhaarathiyaar song as the lyrics sounded to me like the works of his.

Anyhow, on top of the translation, I would like to know the background literature stylisation of the song and the back story of the song to further analyse why the song’s lyrics are the way they are.

Thank you for you hard work!


Hello Ma’am/Sir
Please may you translate these 3 songs
Uyiraagi – from Solo movie
Sita Kalyanam – from Solo movie
Kannazhaga – from 3 (moonu) movie

Please, Thank you so much

Shiv Gauri

May you please translate these 3 songs.
Uyiraagi – Solo Movie
Sita Kalyanam – Solo movie
Kannazhaga – 3 (moonu) movie.

Tjay R

hi please translate vellai kanavu from puriyatha puthir


Padhinettu Vayadhu Ilamottu , Would you please add translation for this song.

Akhil Balla

Please translate high on love song from pyaar prema kaadhal movie

Gauwboy DR_MBBS/ Naina Kannu

Hi. Can you please post the translation of “Naanagiya Nadhimoolame” from “Vishwaroopam 2”

Satkunan Kandiah

Translation of this: Poo Malayil or all of songs from Ooty Varai Uravu would be greatly appreciated. Romba Nandri.


Hi team,

Could you please translate and maybe possibly give an analysis of all the 96 movie songs?
Thank you!


Hi Hemosha,

Thanks for trusting with such huge expectations.. Those songs are real treasures.. We will try to post them soon..
Anthaathi song is up and live here –>

Hope the analysis given there is up to your expectations..
Let us know of your views..



pls translate Thalattum Poongatru naan allava song from gopura vasalile


Could you please translate Anthathi from the movie 96. Thank you so very much. I am a non-native Tamil speaker who has learnt the language through movies (with subtitles), songs and speaking to tamil people. I only recently found your website, and it is helping me a lot.

One suggestion for your consideration (is it possible to provide word to word translation?). It is helpful to learn new words. I manage by asking friends.


Hi Aparna,

Thank you for your suggestion and it is a pleasure to us, being of help!

Here is the translation of Anthathi song as requested..

As for word by word translation, it becomes a dictionary sorts or more like google’s translation.. Hence, we take up line by line in most cases and thus keeping in line with the idea of song and the english reader also appreciates the poetry of it rather than mere meaning..

If you want to know for any specific words, we would be more than happy to reply to you..

Keep visiting for more..



Kindly translate,
Song Lyrics : Intha Pachai Kilikoru , Movie Name : Neethikku Thalaivanangu


Dear Sir,

This is Ram from Malaysia, would like to place my humble English translation request on this songs:
Movie : Viswharoopam 2
Song : Saadhi Madhamenum Vyathiye Pokkide

Thank You.


It ll be great if you can translate ‘Katril varum geethame’ from oru naal oru kanavu


Hi Lyrical Delights! Love your blog. I wanted to ask if you could please translate the song “pulveli pulveli” from the movie Aasai? Sorry for putting this request as a comment here; I tried commenting on your “suggest songs” page but unfortunately that’s not working for me.

Bala Caliappane

Can you please translate the song: Veerapandi Kotaiyile from the movie: Thiruda Thiruda


megathoodham from Airaa


Please translate kaarkuzhal kadavaiye – vadachennai


Yes Please. Really looking for this song translation!!


Hi! Can you please translate Kaarigai Kanne from Aval movie? Thanks!!


aval senthamizh then mozhiyaal



Please tranlate the song “Itharku Peyar thaan kaadala”(Kannathil ellam) from the movie “Pooveli”
It has beautiful lyrycs.

Thank you in advance


Please translate “Thoda Thoda Enave” song from Thulluda Maanam Thullum movie


Please translate Usilambatti Penkutti song from Gentleman (1993). If you could do the whole album, it’d be great.


Hai, I saw your bunch of English subtitle. Its mind blowing. Keep Update more songs. And i request you Please can you translate the song called roja poonthottam, Movie Name : Kannukkul Nilavu.





‘Journey’ song from Jaanu tamil songs please.


Thank you for the translations. I am Telugu and like to listen to Tamil songs.
Can you translate athanda ithanda from Arunachalam movie & Kattu kuyil manasukulla from Dalapathi


Hello Team,

Please translate the song Sempoove Poove from the movie Siraichalai.



Please translate the song KarKuzhal Kadavaye from Vada Chennai. –

If not the entire song, I would like to know the meaning of the line – கண்ணாடி கோப்பை ஆழியில் நான் கைமீறி சேர்ந்த தேயிலை !!


Hi, pls post meaning of agam thaanai ariyum song from sillu karupatti. such a beatiful song!


can you please translate Idhalil kadhai ezhudum neram idhu song from Unnal mudiyum thambi Movie


Hi! Highly appreciate if you could please upload the meaning of the song: Ye Manpuru Mangaye | GURU | A.R. Rahman.
Thank you so much!


Translation suggestions – songs from Tamil movie Jodi like kadhal kaditham, kai thatti thatti etc.


Hello, Can you please post the translation/meaning of the song En Thaara from Thirumanam ennum Nikkah


Please translate Vasanam by Kurangan


Hi, can the lyrics of En Mana Vaanil from the movie Kaasi be translated?


Please translate feel my love song from Arya movie with allu arjun as the hero. I am seriously dying of curiosity about what that songs mean. please reply asap XOXO. l Feel My Love- Allu Arjun, Anuradha Mehta

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