[Tharai Thappattai] Idarinum …

This song from Tharai Thappattai is penned by Ilaiyaraaja himself. This is apparently his 1000th album. The first paragraph is from the third Thirumurai part 4 Thiruvavaduthurai penned by Thirugyana Sambandar. The song almost feels like IIlaiyaraaja singing with himself in mind! brilliant composition! Movie: Tharai Thappattai Poet: Ilaiyaraaja Singer: Sharreth Music director : Ilaiyaraaja […]

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naan kadavul pichai paathiram yendhi vandhen 8230 - [Naan kadavul] Pichai paathiram yendhi vandhen.....

[Naan kadavul] Pichai paathiram yendhi vandhen…..

No Words to depict this beauty! listen and ponder! Thanks to Vijay for the suggestion Movie: Naan kadavul Poet: Ilaiyaraja Music Director: Ilayaraja Singer: Madhu balakrishnan Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(1)-(2)-(6)-(6)-(7)-(8)-(9)-(10)-(11)-(1)-(3)-(1) (1)பிச்சை பாத்திரம் ஏந்தி வந்தேன் ஐயனே என் ஐயனே (2)யாம் ஒரு பிச்சை பாத்திரம் ஏந்தி வந்தேன் ஐயனே என் ஐயனே Pichai paathiram yendhi vandhen, aiyane en aiyane, yaam oru pichai […]

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