bharathidasan thamizhin inimai 150x84 - [Bharathidasan] Thamizhin inimai

[Bharathidasan] Thamizhin inimai

This song by Bharathidasan typically explains the beauty of Thamizh not just with its essence but also by the examples chosen to describe the beauty of it. The examples are typical of Thamizh and South India. Each stanza of the song describes each sense. First stanza – Sweet / Taste buds, Second stanza – Sound […]

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devar magan pootri paadadi ponae 8230 u 6YmmXLOP8 150x113 - [Devar Magan] Pootri Paadadi Ponae...

[Devar Magan] Pootri Paadadi Ponae…

My first in Ilayaraaja’s composition. #Devar-Magan (a.k.a) #Thevar-Magan, a film that had won 5 national awards; #Ilayaraaja losing it to none other than our #A.R.Rahman in a tie situation. What more could have made it sound so beautiful – “A student winning over his teacher”. #Vaali’s excellent lyrics, Ilaiyaraaja’s tune, Mano’s voice, and the video […]

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