[Devar Magan] Pootri Paadadi Ponae…

My first in Ilayaraaja’s composition. #Devar-Magan (a.k.a) #Thevar-Magan, a film that had won 5 national awards; #Ilayaraaja losing it to none other than our #A.R.Rahman in a tie situation. What more could have made it sound so beautiful – “A student winning over his teacher”. #Vaali’s excellent lyrics, Ilaiyaraaja’s tune, Mano’s voice, and the video featuring #Sivaji-Ganesan and #Kamal-Hassan made the song an extraordinary piece. I hope we have done our best to get the interpretation right, and we hope you will enjoy.

Movie: Devar Magan
Poet: Vaali
Singer: Ilaiyaraaja, Mano
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(7)-(8)-(1)

(1)போற்றிப் பாடடி பொண்ணே!
 தேவர் காலடி மண்ணே!
 தெக்கு தெச ஆண்ட மன்னர் இனம் தான் ஹோ!
 முக்குலது செர்ந்த தேவர் மகன் தான் ஹோ!
 போற்றிப் பாடடி பொண்ணே!
 தேவர் காலடி மண்ணே!

Pootri paadadi ponnae!
devar kaal adi mannae!
thekudesa aanda mannar innam daan ho!
mukulathu therndha devar magan daan ho!.
Pootri paadadi ponnae!
devar kaaladi mannae!

Sing a song in praise, Oh Girl!
about our devar’s enormous pride ( that everything would value under his feet).
He is from the clan that ruled the whole of southern India.
He belongs to one of the three kingdoms (agamudaiyar, kallar and maravar).
Sing a song in praise, Oh Girl!
about our devar’s enormous pride.

(2)என்ன சொல்ல மண்ணு வளம்,
 மத்தவங்க கண்ணுபடும்.
 (3)அந்த கத இப்போ உள்ள,
 சந்ததிங்க கேட்க்கவேணும்.
 நம்முயிர்க்கு மெலே மானம் மரியாத,
 மானம் இழந்தாலே வாழத்தெரியாதே.

yenna solla mannu valam,
mathavanga kannu padum.
andha kadha ippo ulla,
santhadinga ketka venum.
namuyirku mela manam mariyaadha,
maanam izhandhaaley vaazha theriyaadey.

What could I say about the fertile soil,
that would make others feel jealous of it.
All those interesting stories (about our nature and cultural wealth) should be played,
to people belonging to this generation.
Our dignity and prestige took priority over our lives,
that made us not know how to live a life without dignity.

(4)பெருசெல்லாம் சொன்னாங்க,
 சொன்ன படி நின்னாங்க.
 குணத்தால் மனத்தால்,
 கலைமான் ஆனாங்க!

perusellam sonaanga,
Sonna padi ninaanga.
kunaththaal manaththaal,
kalai maan aanaanga!

All our elders preached (good values),
they lived as they preached.
By their character and heart,
they became the authority! ( musk deer, the kalaimaan with its multiply branching horns, is a symbol of power, virility and royal authority).

(5)முனோருக்கு முனோர் எல்லாம்,
 இன்னாரென கண்டுகொள்ள,
 (6)ஏழெழுத்து எழுதிச் சொல்ல,
 ஒன்னு ரெண்டு மூனு அல்ல.

munooruku munoor yellaam,
inaarunnu kandu kolla,
ezhezhuththu ezhuthi solla,
onu rendu moonu alla.

To realize that people who lived generations after generations in our clan,
are those who live evergreen in history,
Their glory is so abundant that,
it cannot be bound in writings (cannot be tabulated with numbers).

(7)முக்குலத்து கல்யாணம் தான்,
 முத்து முத்து கம்பளம் தான்,
 எக்குலமும் வாழ்த்து சொல்லும்,
 எங்களுக்கு எக்காலம் தான்.

mukulathu kalyaanam daan,
muthu muthu kambalam daan,
ekkulamum vaazhthu sollum,
engalukku yekkaalam daan.

All the marriages in the three kingdoms,
are like clothes made out of pearls;
It will be blessed upon by every clan in,
all the generations to come.

(8)அழகான சரி சோடி,
 ஆனமேல அம்பாரி,
 கணக்கா வழக்கா,
 கடல் போல் ஏராலம்.

azhagaana seri sodi,
aana mela ambaari,
kanakkaa vazhakkaa,
kadal pool yeraalam.

The list of perfect couples,
that graced the occasions on an elephant (referring to ancestry of Devar’s family),
has no count,
and extended like an ocean.

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