[Geetha Govindam] Inkem inkem inkem kaavaale


Recently heard this song and it refuses to get out of the head! For our Tamil viewers who don’t understand the lyrics! #GeethaGovindam  #GopiSundar #AnantaSriram #SidSriram

Movie: Geetha Govindam
Music Director: Gopi Sundar
Lyrics: Ananta Sriram
Singer: Sid Sriram
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(1)-(6)-(1)-(2)-(1)

తదిగిన తకజను తదిగిన తకజను
తరికిట తదరిన తదీంత ఆనందం
తలవని తలపుగ ఎదలను కలుపగ
మొదలిక మొదలిక మళ్లీ గీత గోవిందం

Thadigina thakhajanu thadigina thakhajanu
Tharikita thadharina thadhemdhemtha aanandam
Thalavani thalapuga yedhalanu kalupaga
Modhalika modhalika malli geetha govindam

The Joyful notes!
A thought that I never perceived about
has connected our hearts now!
Yet again Yet Again, the song of govindam starts!

(1) ఇంకేం ఇంకేం ఇంకేం కావాలే చాలే ఇది చాలే
నీకై నువ్వే వచ్చి వాలావే ఇకపై తిరనాళ్లే

Inkem inkem inkem kaavaale Chaaley idi chaale
Neekai nuvve vachi vaalaavey, Ikapai thiranaalley,

What else what else what else is needed? enough, this is enough,
you yourself came to me, only celebrations from now

(2) గుండెల్లోనా వేగం పెంచావే
గుమ్మంలోకి హోలీ తెచ్చావే
నువ్ పక్కనుంటే ఇంతేనేమోనే
నాకొక్కో గంట ఒక్కో జన్మై మళ్లీ పుట్టి చస్తున్నానే

Gundellonaa vegam penchaavey
Gummamloki holi techhavey,
Nu pakkanuntey inthenemo ney,
Nak okko ganta okko janmai, Malli putti chasthunnane,

You increased the pace of my heart,
you brought Holi into my house,
may be this is the normal when you are near,
every hour seems like a life time, I am born again only to die,

(3) ఊహలకు దొరకని సొగసా
ఊపిరిని వదలని గొలుసా
నీకు ముడి పడినది తెలుసా మనసున ప్రతి కొసా

Oohalaku dhorakani sogasaa
Oopirini vadhalani golusaa
Niku mudi padinadi telusaa Manasuna prathi kosaa,

the beauty that cannot be envisioned,
the chain that forever clings the breathe,
Do you know what is going on? every corner of my heart is affected!

(4) నీ కనుల మెరుపుల వరసా
రేపినది వయసున రభసా
నా చిలిపి కలలకు బహుశా ఇది వెలుగుల దశా

Nee kanula merupula varasaa
Repinadhi vayasuna rabhasaa
Naa chilipi kalalaku bahusaa, Idi velugula dhasaa

The lightning of your eyes,
elevates the chaos of my youth,
perhaps, this is the best time for my mischievous dreams!

(5) నీ ఎదుట నిలబడు చనువే వీసా
అందుకొని గగనపు కొనలే చూశా

Nee yedutha nilabadu chanuvey visaa
Andhukoni gaganapu konaley choosaa

To stand next to you is akin to getting VISA,
after getting it, I experience ecstasy (the heights of the skies)!

(6) మాయలకు కదలని మగువా
మాటలకు కరగని మదువా
పంతములు విడువని బిగువా జరిగినదడగవా
నా కధని తెలుపుట సులువా జాలిపడి నిమిషము వినవా
ఎందుకని గడికొక గొడవా చెలిమిగ మెలగవా
నా పేరు తలచితే ఉబికే లావా
చల్లబడి నను నువు కరుణించేవా

Maayalaku kadhalani maguvaa
Maatalaku karagani madhuvaa
Panthamulu viduvani biguvaa Jariginadhadagavaa
Naa kadhani teluputa suluvaa Jaalipadi nimishamu vinavaa
Yendhukani gadikoka godavaa Chelimiga melagavaa
Naa peru thalachithey ubhike laavaa
Challabadi nanu nuvvu karuninchevaa

The damsel who is not pleased by the tricks,
The elixir who does not yield to words,
The tensions of constant confrontation, won’t they go away?
to narrate my story simply? won’t you listen to me for a minute?
why these persistent quarrels? won’t you be friendly?
the volcano that erupts thinking of my name!
won’t it cool down and bless me with your friendship?

[inkem kaavaale lyrics and translation]

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Kishore Krishnamoorthy

Thank you so much for sharing this. Really from the bottom of my heart. Ever since I first heard this songs I’ve been wanting to know the meaning of the lines. I kept searching on daily basis. I would’ve probably one of the first visitors of this update. Now only finding time to thank you. I have been following your blog from since it was Tamil Thathuvasigan . blogspot .com. Happy that it has transformed to include good lines of even other lines. I wish you do more of such things. There are surely many hidden gems of songs in many other Indian languages which I would dearly wish to know and learn.


Thanks Kishore, do let us know if there is any specific song you have in mind? do spread the word!




Please translate vachindamma and yenti yenti from Geetha govindam


Likeeee aahhhhhh❤❤❤❤awesome i dont know telugu i assumed some line and its same heaven while hearing!??


Wowww…it’s so nice…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????


Thankyouuu sooo much..from a Malayali ???

Shanmuha Priya

The song is so nyc…??

Viswa Su

Thanks for the lyrical translation, keep up good work.


Thank u so much.. this is the very first time I listend any telugu song..n it’s awesome, the Veena tone.. I love this song..I tried very hard to find its meaning in hindi or English bt I didn’t get anywhere.. but again I searched it today… n here I m.. I m very thankful to u..? this is very beautiful song by lyrics too..n this is 3rd time it’s playing in my headphone while typing..?


though this song has been released in July, got to hear it for the first time now. Mesmerized by the tune and sids voice. Looking for translation. by far this is the best

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