[Viswaroopam II] Naanaagiya nadhimoolame

This song keeps mesmerizing in every way. The music, vocals, Jathis are incredibly delightful and of its own special class. However, the lyrics is bit higher than it for the play of words by the esteemed lyricist Kamal Hassan. The same words were used to mean multiple meanings by the context and who delivers it. And the simple saying of “I am thinking of you every single day” is rendered with the utmost beautiful words and this is one of those songs which drenches in Tamil through and through.

Though it was a delight to listen, I sort of dreaded to take up this translation for fear of losing its charm somewhere in the translation. Let’s help you enjoy this song bit better with meaning…


Movie: Viswaroopam II
Music Director: Ghibran
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan
Singer: Kamal Haasan, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Master Karthik , Suresh Iyer

Dhage thitu
Dhage thituku
Dhanu thathak thakku dhigina
Dhanu dhigi tita dhaga
Thitiku dhanu dhinak dhana
Thakita than thlanna
Girikita tharikita girikita
Tharikita girikita tharikita
Dha dha dha
Thlanna kita thaka
Tharikita dha

நானாகிய நதி மூலமே
தாயாகிய ஆதாரமே
என்னை தாங்கிய கருக் குடம்
இணையேயில்லா திருத்தலம்
அனுதினம் உன்னை நினைந்திருக்கிறேன்
அனுதினம் உன்னை நினைந்திருக்கிறேன்

naanaagiya nadhi moolamae
thaayaagiya aadhaaramae
ennai thaangiya karukkudam
iNaiyaeyillaa thiruthalam
anudhinam unnai ninaindhirukkiRaen
anudhinam unnai ninaindhirukkiRaen

The spring that flows as me,
With the foundation as mother.
The womb that has held me,
Incomparable shrine
I keep thinking of you everyday…
I keep thinking of you everyday…

#The Source of River is very rarely famous unlike the River itself. And in its source, the vastness and the length of the land it flows is not visible. Yet, it all starts from there. Just like the considerably small and significant womb that holds within the child, that might be holding no clue to what the child could become in its own right and in its own time.

உன் போல நான் உயிரானதும்
பெண் என்ற நான் தாயானதும்
பிறந்த பயனாய் உன்னை பெறும்
சிறந்த பெருமை நிகழ்ந்ததும்
அனுதினம் உன்னை நினைந்திருக்கிறேன்
அனுதினமும் நான் நினைந்திருக்கிறேன்

un poala naan uyiraanadhum
peN enRa naan thaayaanadhum
piRandha payanaay unnai peRum
chiRandha perumai nigazhndhadhum
anudhinam unnai ninaindhirukkiRaen
anudhinamum naan ninaindhirukkiRaen

Like you, I too got a new life,
For me, the woman, became mother…
I proudly attained the purpose of my birth,
By giving birth to you, and as it happened,
I keep thinking of you everyday
I keep thinking of you everyday

A girl becomes a mother and a new life starts for her, just like the tiny baby that takes up a whole new life ahead of it.

Dhage thita thaga dhikkina than
Thatha ka thaka dikita thaan thikithita
Dhaga thitiku dhan thinaku dhan thakita than
Thalan nakitathaka tharikita kita thaka tharikita
Kita thaka tharikita thita kata dhadha gina

அம்மாவும் நீ அப்பாவும் நீ
அன்பால் என்னை ஆண்டாளும்* நீ
பிறந்த பயனாய் உன்னை பெறும்
சிறந்த பெருமை நிகழ்ந்ததும்
அனுதினமும் நான் நினைந்திருக்கிறேன்

ammaavum nee appaavum nee
anbaal ennai aaNdaaLum nee
piRandha payanaay unnai perum
chiRandha perumai nigazhndhadhum
anudhinam unnai ninaindhirukkiRaen

You’re mother, you’re father too,
You also rule over, through affection
I proudly attained the purpose of my birth,
By having you in as family, and as it happened,
I keep thinking of you everyday

*ஆண்டாள் –  AandaaL – As Noun refers to the Azhvar saint (Details are here -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andal)
As Verb it means one who ultimately rules over the other. Here it means that he willingly enslaves to the boundless affection.
So the parent becomes both the worldly ruler as well as God-like to the child.

உன் மனதின் சாயலுள்ள
பெண் உருவைத் தேடினேன்
பழங்கனவைக் கானலிலே
கண்கலங்க காண்கிறேன்
பழையபடி நினைவுகள் திரும்பிடும்
பிறந்தமடி சாய்ந்திடக் கிடைத்திடும்
நாள் வருமோ
திருநாள் வருமோ

un manadhin chaayaluLLa
peN uruvaith thaedinaen
pazhanganavaik kaanalilae
kaNgalanga kaaNgiRaen
pazhaiyabadi ninaivugaL thirumbidum
piRandhamadi chaayndhidak kidaithidum
naaL varumoa
thirunaaL varumoa

I searched for a feminine companion,
Who has the shades and likes of your heart
I see through teary eyes, in the mirage,
The age old dreams..
The memories of past would return,
Would the day come, for me,
To rest upon the lap on which I was born?
Would the special / festive day come?

ப நி ஸ 
க க ரி 
ஸ நி 
நி ப ம க

ப நி ஸ 
க ரி 
ப ஸ நி 
ஸ நி

Pa ni sa
Ga ga ri
Sa ni
Ni pa ma ga

Pa ni sa
Ga ri
Pa sa ni
Sa ni

The first stanza is by son (the hero) to his mother. The next is from Mother to Son. The next is by the kid to father (the hero). And the next is from a guy in search of his future wife who shows some semblance to his mother. Thus three generations and four relationships covered in just one song.


[[Viswaroopam II] Naanaagiya nadhimoolame lyrics and translation]

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