[Naadodi Mannan] Thoongadhe thambi thoongadhe…

Movie: Naadodi Mannan
Poet: Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram
Singer: T.M.Sounderajan
Music: S.M.Subbiah Naidu
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)- (2)- (1)- (2)-(1)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(2)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(6)- (7)-(7)- (8)-(1)-(2)- (9)- (9)-(10)- (1)

(1) Thoongadhe thambi thoongadhe,

dont sleep , oh younger brother , dont sleep,

(2) nee soamberi yendra peyar vaangadhe.

dont get the name of being a lazy guy.

(3) nee thaangiya udaiyum aayudhamun,
pala sariththiaram kadhai sollum siraikkadhavum,

the dress that you carry ( referring to the soldier) and the weapons you carry,
these prison doors will tell many historical accounts,

(4) sakthi irundhaal unnai kandu sirikkum,
saththiramdhan unakku  idam kodukkum

If power(god)  was there , it would laugh at you,
only a common place for destitute and home less will give you place to live.

(5)nalla poludhaiyellam thoongi keduththavargal,
naatai keduthadhudan thaanum kettar,

People who slept throughout  the nice ( productive) day,
not only spoil the country , but spoil themselves.

(6)silar allum pagalum theru kallay irundhu vittu,
adhishtam illai endru allatikondaaar,

some people just waste all the days and nights like a stone on the street ( doing nothing ),
and complain that they don’t have any luck

(7)vizhiththu kondor ellam pilaithu kondaar,

people who become awake will live on ( have a successful life)

(8) unpol kurattaivittorellam kottaivittar.

and people like you , who snored ( slept their time off) will loose.

(9) poar padaithanil thoogiyavan vetri ilandhaan,

in the battle field , one who sleeps looses victory ( always fails)

(10) uyar palliyil thoongiyavan kalvi ilandhaan,
kadaithanil thoongiyavan mudhal  ilandhaan ,
konda kadamaiyil thoongiyavan pugal ilandhaan,
innum porupulla manidharin thookathinaal,
pala ponnaana velaiyellam thoongudhappa.

In high school if you sleep , you loose education,
if in your shop you sleep , you loose your investment in the shop,
the person who sleeps over his responsibility , looses fame,
because of  responsible men sleeping off ,
many golden tasks are lying idle ( undone due to the laziness of responsible people )

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Pattukkottaiyen paadalkal kalam ulla varai aliyathavai.

Vignesh R

Vignesh R

Really beautiful and powerful lyrics, I wonder how many were inspired from these lyrics in the past and will be in the future. I’m sure that I inspired from these lyrics.
Thank you very much @sucheendra for this share,

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