[Pudhiya Mannargal] Vaanil aeni pottu…

Nostalgic song, talks about breaking free :)… perfect tonic for a eventful weekend … Hilarious dance moves 😛

Thanks to Maria for the suggestion.


Movie: Pudhiya Mannargal
Poet: Pazhani bharati
Music Director: A.R.Rahman
Singer: Mano
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(5)-(3)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(6)-(3)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-

(1)vaanil aeni pottu,
hoi kattu kodi kattu,
sorgam vandhadhendru, 
hoi thattu kai thattu,
(2)minnal namakku thanga changili,
vinmeenellaam chinna minmini,
vaanavildhaan nam vaaliba desa kodi,

use a ladder to reach for the skies,
once you get there, plant the flag (of victory),
clap your hands in joy,
since you reached heaven,
the lighting is but a gold chain for us,
the stars are but  tiny jewels (guiding light?),
the rainbows is the flag of our youth country,


 flap your wings,

 (4)sutterikkum andha sooriyanai naam katti poodavendum, 
oru sudaadha sooriyan vendum ,
veesa marakkum kaatrai konjam thatti ketkkavendum ,
mannil varugindra vaanam (vaaram?)  vendum,

the sun, which burns us should be tied down,
what we want is a sun that does not burn,
If the winds refuse to flow, we will pat it slightly and question,
the sky should come down to the earth, that is way we desire,

 (5)hey suttrum bhoomiyai niruththu,
pudhu sattam pottadhai nadaththu,
kai inaiththu madhi muditthu vaa vaa, 

 halt the rotating earth,
enforce on it a new set of governing rules, and rule it,
join hands, don’t believe in destiny, come on,

 (6)raamar ennada babar ennada ore koil kattu,
madham ellaamum ondre endru,
kaaveriyai gangai aatrile ondru serthuvittu,
oru vaaikaalai inge vettu,
oru bhogi pandigai eduththu,
pazham panchchangaththai koluththu,
thalai ezhuththu athai azhiththu, velvom, 

what if you worship Rama (hinduism) or Baabar (muslim), build only one temple for both,
all of them are one (they all preach the same and hence should live in unison),
connect the Cauvery and the Ganges,
dig canals all over (so that all parts of the country is irrigated and flourish),
during the bhogi festival (marked by destroying unwanted items in fire),
burn down the old ideals (symbolized with panchangams which also preach superstition, prejudice , inequality etc.),
kill the concept of that there is a destiny written for all of us, we can change  our destiny if we work hard.. come on…

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[Pudhiya Mannargal] vaanil aeni pottu… « Tamil Thathuva Paadal | arrahmanchannel.com

[Pudhiya Mannargal] vaanil aeni pottu… « Tamil Thathuva Paadal | arrahmanchannel.com

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Majeed Kassim

Majeed Kassim

Can u pls post Rikshakaran movie song…. Angay sirippavargal?



Hi Majeed Kassim, We will do it ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion.

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