[Raja Rani] Adada adada

This song is released as promo for the movie #RajaRani. The lyricist might be Na. Muthukumar. If you know otherwise, do let us know and we would change it.

Movie: Raja Rani
Music: G.V.Prakash
Singer: G.V.Prakash

அடடா அடடா என்ன அழகின் அழகா?
எந்தன் இரவல் உயிரா? நீ யாரோ?
நிஜமா நிஜமா இதயம் முழுதும் கனவா?
ஐயோ மலரும் கனவா? நீ யாரோ?

adadaa adadaa enna azhagin azhagaa?
enhdhan iraval uyiraa? nhee yaaroa?
nhijamaa nhijamaa idhayam muzhudhum kanavaa?
aiyoa malarum kanavaa? nhee yaaroa?

Oh dear, Are you the beauty of beauty?
Are you my soulmate? Who are you?
Is this true? Or is my heart dreaming?
Or is this dream becoming true? Who are you?

Thanks to a Tamil New Zealander for requesting this song

[Ada da ada da song lyrics and translation]

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