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Different approach !!! Wish you all the best

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Gokul

Vidya Sagar

Thanks for the nice translation of Bharathi’s poem Nirpathuve. I have made some corrections and posted in the Speaking Tree which is a Spiritual site.


Hi Vidya Sagar,
Glad the blog was of use. Great! I saw the post, although I would have been happy if you had also had a link to the source :D.


Congrats on your sincere efforts to provide meaningful translation to convey the essence of the poet’s words of wisdom. Keep up the good work !


Excellent effort. Carry on with the great work and keep us updated.

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Shashidhar , for your kind words. please subscribe to the blog so that you may receive notifications when I update new posts. Keep coming back .



very beatiful and meaningful translation…….keep it up….expecting many more and more translations to the songs…..it is very helpful some one like me who didnt know tamil………thanks so much…….all the best……

Tamil Rasigan

Hi VedaKrishna , I am glad the blog is of help. Keep coming back.

Ravi Kumar

Superb da…… keep up the good work!!!!

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Ravi.


Superb keep it up!!

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Praveen!

Hari Ramanathan (@hramanathan)

Dear Tamil Rasigan,
Thank you so, so much for creating this amazing blog! I am a Tamil guy living in England with only a basic knowledge of Tamil and have been looking for a website with lyrics and meanings of these soulful and philosophical classics. My parents played many of these songs while I was growing up but unfortunately I never knew what they meant, I was only able to enjoy the melodious nature of them. Your contribution is much appreciated. One song which I was looking for that wasn’t here was “Unnai Naan Santhithen” from Aayirathil Oruvan movie.

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Hari,
Thank you. I am glad the blog is of use :). Will surely add the song you suggested

Suresh Ginger

Hi Your website is wonderful and your dedication towards tamil lyrics is awesome

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Suresh , Glad you liked it



hiiiii….really gr8 blog…keep up the good work….when ever i feel very low i come here to charge myself up….

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Abi, Thanks, I am glad the blog is of use. Do spread the word 🙂

Namma Tech

nice blog …. i wish u the best …. i like Tamil…… Thanks

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Namma Tech. Please keep coming back!

B Rukmani

Hi, its indeed a rare treasure stumbling upon your blog … love it. Share your love for tamil songs tat stirs the soul …

There is this particular song from the movie called “Piriya Vidai” … its a Kannan song, I recollect seeing the movie as a little girl and the song has stayed with me all these years. I have not be able to locate this song, it has some depth to it if i recollect correctly. If you are able to upload this song … i’ll consider myself a very lucky person.

My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your contribution … great job … keep it up yah !!!

Tamil Rasigan

Hey Thanks B Rukmani , for the kind words. I will try to get the song in here 🙂 .

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Julia. I will add the songs in due course :D. Keep coming back 🙂



Hats off for your tamil thagam. I enjoyed Kamal’s kavithai. I have some request to add to your collection:
Teertha karaiyinilae – Varumayin niram sivappu
Vizhiyil vizundhu – Allaigal Ooyvathillai
Suttum vizhi sudarthan kanamma – Barathiyar kavithaigal
[Edit: https://lyricaldelights.com/2012/02/16/kandukondain-kandukondain-suttum-vizhi-sudar-dhaan/ ]
Amma azagae – Kaadhal ooviyam
Tamizhukku amutendru paer
[Edit: https://lyricaldelights.com/tamil-tamizh/ ]

Thanks for your dedication.


Wonderful translation of “Suttum vizhi sudarthan kanamma”. Loved it! Thanks much:)

Tamil Rasigan

Glad you liked it.


Hi, thank you for creating this blog. I just happened to stumble upon it in searching for an English translation for a beautiful song I’d heard. I love music this music. Thank you.

Maria P

This is truly an excellent blog! I’ve been looking endlessly for songs that really speak to me and touches my heart…and by God’s Grace I stumbled upon this magnificent blog!~
I’m happy to know that there are still people out there who relish thatuva songs like I do.
Sir, you’re really doing an excellent job! I really appreciate all the efforts you put into this. Thank you very much! <3
Much love from Canada!

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Maria,
Glad you liked the blog. Keep coming back. Do spread the word :).


i like this blog..
really superb..
thanks a lot.
i salute for your great effort..


My friend introduced me to this blog.I am from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.I find this site interesting and hope to follow it closely. Thanks.

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Gunarama, great! Glad the website if of interest…


its nice..

Sridhar Rao

brilliant website machan….
I am fluent in my tamil, but my knowledge of tamil literature is atrocious, this website has now helped me appreciate my favourite songs in a totally different perspective…
thanks da!

Sridhar Rao

and yeah… I too came here looking for bharatiyar’s “Suttum vizhi sudare”

Tamil Rasigan

Hey Sridhar, Great you found the website useful 🙂 Don’t forget spread the word though 😀


Great work.
Really happy to find out the meaning of lyrics of the songs.
Thanks a lot..

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Sathish,
Glad you liked it. Please spread the word 🙂

AR Ganesh


The work done is highly appreciative. it needs constant encouragement to do this type of work. I find some songs missing like “Ullam enbadhu ammai – parthal pasi theerum”, “Yen endra kelvi – aayarthil oruvan”, “Atho antha parvai – aayarthi oruvan” and many such songs which are inspiring to others.Would be grateful, if you can do it at your convenience.

With kind regards

AR Ganesh

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Ganesh! I will add the song you suggested in due course, please keep coming back and spread the word 🙂


Good work nanba…


Nandri Nanba 😀


Great work.keep it p.Thank you very much.


Thanks Muthu, please spread the word if you liked the blog 🙂


very good work…Keep it up!!!


Thanks Priya…


Thank you very much for this blog. 🙂 Vaazhga Tamizh!

Muhammed Muhsin Varikkodan

Thank you very much for following ma blog.


Mate, great stuff. Thank you for the services and sharing it with others. May you and your loved ones be blessed


Thanks a lot Maniam.


Dear Akuma, really this is a great effort and very good work. I liked all Tamil translation and it helps me to learn Tamil.
Appreciate very much.


Thanks Ram Lal. Please keep coming back 🙂

Vignesh Karthik Hariharan

Dear Pradeep and Suchee,

I was only recently introduced to this page by a friend. It’s delightful to see the youth now a days shouldering responsibility to save the Tamil people and Tamizh language. In the golden words of our PM – “ache din aane waale hein” 🙂 Totally overwhelmed by your commitment for service to humankind. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Song request : Kochchadaiyaan thalaivar advice to youth song.


Hello Suchee and Pradeep,

Thank you for visiting my blog and the follow, and yes I am also following you 🙂



Hi Suchee and Pradeep,

Thank you so much for visiting my world and for following. I must say what you are doing is a great job to keep those lyrical, musical gems alive forever but I don’t understand Tamil at all but will go through the translation 🙂

Asmithaaa…Never have an end!!!!


Hi Asmithaaa, Thanks for your kind words! You have a great blog too. Cheers


Thanks for this awesome Blog! Just one question – what does Thathuvam mean?

Lyrical delights

Hi Dershita, Thank you! Thathuvam means philosophy. Hope you are enjoying the blog!

Alagappan (@_alagappan)

Wonderful effort guys! Keep up the good work. I’ve subscribed! 🙂


Thanks Alagappan.

Malai Pozhudhil… | Of Hills, Beaches, Rains & the Sky.

[…] thanks, Sid for sharing this song & the team at http://www.lyricsdelight.com for helping me understand […]

Mohammed Mazhar

Nice initiative guys,
Is there an advanced search tool for tamil songs? For example if i want to translate this tamil song https://lyricsing.com/rum/hola-amigo-lyrics.html lyrics or find out if tranlation is already done, how do i do it?


Thank you Mohammed Mazhar!

Kindly use the either of the search boxes available in this page to search for any songs. https://lyricaldelights.com/list-of-all-songs/

By the way, we are yet to translate the song you have mentioned. We might be adding the song soon. Keep watching out!


Bala K

Was happy to find your blog. Was very happy to see the lyrics in tamil 🙂

Raghupriya Raaman

Hey guys, some foreign YouTube viewer was asking for English translation of this song and somehow I wanted to help him and my quest stumble over your blog and I shared your site on YouTube’s comments section. I must say that you people beautifully translated it:) Keep up the good work


Hi Raghupriya Raaman,

Thanks for your kind words and a bigger thanks for referring our site.
Would be happier to know which song is being referred to..
We are glad to be of help.. 🙂


Raj Vullakula

povoma oorgolam; Nee Enge from Chinna Thambi and Kadhal Yogi from Thalam please

Raj Vullakula

Thanks for this wonderful approach, I am sure this will help beautiful tamizh across to all the languages.



I would also like to contribute to this work.. Tamil is my mother tongue and though i dont claim any expertise in it i have been living with it.. so if i can do anything to help dis cause, let me know..


Hi Sasi,
This is great. Thank you very much for believing in our vision and offering to help in our mission. We will be delighted to have you join us. Would you mind writing to us at ttamilthathuvam2@gmail.com to discuss the specifics?


It’s really a great effort. ??Keep going.
Can you please add the song from the movie malayitta mangai, senthamizh then mozhiyal

Neelu Chawla

Beautiful what you are doing. Your mission is divine mission. A dharma to keep the love of language alive in modern generations. God bless your every endeavor and your mission

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