[Oomai Vizhigal] nilaimaarum ulagil …

Powerful lyrics, aptly delivers the agony of the poor. Something for all of us to ponder about, stop accumulating wealth, you are not going to carry anything when you die, learn to share and alleviate poverty 🙂

Poet: Aabavanan
Movie: Oomai vizhigal
Music: Manoj Gyan
Singer: K.J.Yesudas
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(1)-(1)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(1)-(1)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(1)

(1)நிலை மாறும் உலகில் 
நிலைக்கும் என்ற கனவில்

nilai maaRum ulagil
nilaikkum endRa kanavil

In this world, that constantly changes state (Ever changing world),
thinking (dreaming) that everything will persist,

(2)வாழும் மனித ஜாதி 
அதில் வாழ்வதில்லை நீதி

vaazhum manidha Jaadhi
adhil vaazhvadhillai needhi

We human’s live,
In doing so, justice doesnt exist

( We human and so possessed with things (materialistic desires) and are constantly striving to attain them in this ever changing world, we forget that we came with nothing and will go back with nothing, in all our petty, self-centered pursuits we kill justice, compassion etc etc )

(3)தினம்தோறும் உணவு 
அது பகலில் தோன்றும் கனவு

thinamdhoaRum uNavu
adhu pagalil thoandRum kanavu

For a poor person, the main dream for him is that he gets food every day,

(4)கனவான நிலை
புது வாழ்வுக்கு எங்கே நினைவு

kanavaana nilai
pudhu vaazhvukku enggae ninaivu

In such a state of mind (where getting a square meal a day itself is a dream), where is the time (or effort) to think about a new beginning/pursuing new fruitful things in life,

(5)ஆராரோ ஆரிராரோ 
பிறக்கின்ற போதே 
இறக்காத மனிதன்

aaraaroa aariraaroa
piRakkindRa poadhae
iRakkaadha manidhan

When a human is born, the one who does not die
(here the poet hints that for the poor who don’t die immediately after birth (and have to face this cruel world))

(6)வாழ்கின்ற சாபம் 
அவன் முன்னோர் செய்த பாவம்

vaazhkindRa saabam
avan munnoar seydha paavam

For those people, living itself is a curse,
and is the misdeeds of his ancestors…

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