[Pesum Dheivam] Nooraandu kaalam vaazhga

Wishing someone on a #birthday is for a longer and prosperous life. And here is a brilliant wish that couldn’t be made any better than this.

This song portrays all that is eternally prosperous like the Tamil. Not just through any literature, but specifically like the Royal Tamizh that lives in the poetry of world renowned Poets. And the other wish is like the fame of Kings. Whereas the Tamil is acclaimed worldwide, the king’s are praised a bit lowly and realistically saying, Like the King’s fame within the nation. Thus it shows that literature is beyond borders.

The entire song is a treasure trove and hence links are provided for we couldn’t condense the entire beauty of the song to one post.

Movie: Pesum Dheivam
Lyrics: Vaali
Singers: Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi, LR Eswari and Sarala
Music: KV Mahadevan
Cast: Sivaji Ganesan, Padmini
Director: KS Gopalakrishnan
Release: 1967
Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(7)-(7)-(8)-(8)-(9)-(6)-(1)-(2)-(1)

(1) நூறாண்டு காலம் வாழ்க!
    நோய் நொடி இல்லாமல் வளர்க!

(2) ஊராண்ட மன்னர் புகழ் போலே!
    உலகாண்ட புலவர் தமிழ் போலே!
(1) nooRaaNdu kaalam vaazhka!
noay nodi illaamal vaLarka!
(2) ooraaNda mannar pugazh poalae!
ulagaaNda pulavar thamizh poalae!

Live long for hundreds of years!
Grow with prime health!

Like the nation ruling emperor’s fame!
Like the world ruling poet’s Tamil!

(3) குறையாது வளரும் பிறையாக
    குவியாத குமுத மலராக
(4) குன்றாத நவ நிதியாக
(5) துள்ளி குதித்தோடும் ஜீவ நதியாக

(3) kuRaiyaadhu vaLarum piRaiyaaga
kuviyaadha kumudha malaraaga
(4) kundRaadha nava nidhiyaaga
(5) thuLLi kudhithoadum Jeeva nadhiyaaga

Like the flawlessly growing crescent!
Like the never fading flower – kumuda
Like the never depleting funds of Kubera!  
Like the sizzling waters of the lively rivers!

(6) நீ வாழ்க நீ வாழ்க

(6) nee vaazhka nee vaazhka

Blessings for long life!

(7) விளையாத மண்ணில் தளிராக
    மலராத கொடியில் கனியாக
(8) மலடென்ற பெயரும் பொய்யாக
(9) வந்த மகனே உன் வாழ்வு நிறைவாக

(7) viLaiyaadha maNNil thaLiraaga
malaraadha kodiyil kaniyaaga
(8) maladendRa peyarum poyyaaga
(9) vandhdha maganae un vaazhvu niRaivaaga

Like the first sprouting in the barren land,
Like the fruit in the yet to bloom plant,
To falsify the name of barren woman,
You have come! Let your life be complete!

[nooraandu kaalam vaazhga lyrics and translation]

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