[Panam Padaithavan] kan pona pokkile kaal pogalama

Movie: Panam Padaithavan
Poet:  Vaali
Music Director: MS Viswanathan , Ramamoorthy
Singer:  T.M.Sounderajan
Song Sequence : (1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(4)-(5)- (1)-(6)-(7)-(7)-(1)-(8)-(9)-(9)-(1)

(1)கண் போன போக்கிலே கால் போகலாமா?
கால் போன போக்கிலே மனம் போகலாமா?

kaN poana poakkilae kaal poagalaamaa?
kaal poana poakkilae manam poagalaamaa?

is it right for the legs to go where ever the eyes wander to?
is it right for the heart to go where ever the legs take it to?

(2)மனம் போன போக்கிலே மனிதன் போகலாமா?

manam poana poakkilae manidhan poagalaamaa?

Wherever the heart goes, can the person also to go with it?

( The main essence of the above lines is that a man’s actions and thinking should not be driven by all the worldly pleasures that his senses perceive )

(3)மனிதன் போன பாதையை மறந்து போகலாமா?

manidhan poana paadhaiyai maRandhdhu poagalaamaa?

Can we forget the journey that great people (human race) endeavored?

(4)நீ பார்த்த பார்வைகள் கனவோடு போகும்
நீ சொன்ன வார்த்தைகள் காற்றோடு போகும்

nee paartha paarvaigaL kanavoadu poagum
nee sonna vaarthaigaL kaaRRoadu poagum

The visions that you saw will eventually be gone, just like the dreams,
the words you spoke will be forgotten with the winds,

(5)ஊர் பார்த்த உண்மைகள் உனக்காக வாழும்
உணராமல் போவோர்க்கு உதவாமல் போகும்

oor paartha uNmaigaL unakkaaga vaazhum
uNaraamal poavoarkku udhavaamal poagum

The truths that the world saw (in terms of your good deeds), will live for you
for those who don’t realize this truth, it will be of no use 

(6)பொய்யான சில பேர்க்குப் புது நாகரீகம்
புரியாத பல பேர்க்கு இது நாகரீகம்
முறையாக வாழ்வோர்க்கு எது நாகரீகம்
(7)முன்னோர்கள் சொன்னார்கள் அது நாகரீகம்

poyyaana sila paerkkup pudhu naagareegam
puriyaadha pala paerkku idhu naagareegam
muRaiyaaga vaazhvoarkku edhu naagareegam
munnoarkaL sonnaarkaL adhu naagareegam

for some of us who are the fake one’s, there is a new culture ( based on western influence)
for those who don’t understand this fake culture,  it will be considered as the standard culture,
but for those who live  the straight forward (virtuous) life, what is the culture?
what ever our fore-fathers taught us, that is the culture!

(8)திருந்தாத உள்ளங்கள் இருந்தென்ன லாபம்?
வருந்தாத உருவங்கள் பிறந்தென்ன லாபம்?
இருந்தாலும் மறைந்தாலும் பேர் சொல்ல வேண்டும்
(9)இவர் போல யார் என்று ஊர் சொல்ல வேண்டும்

thirundhdhaadha uLLangaL irundhdhenna laabam?
varundhdhaadha uruvangaL piRandhdhenna laabam?
irundhdhaalum maRaindhdhaalum paer solla vaeNdum
ivar poala yaar endRu oor solla vaeNdum

what is the use of people (hearts) who don’t rectify themselves?
what is the use of the birth of people who don’t even “repent” (for their mistakes)?
whether you are alive or dead, your name (remembered as a great person who lived/ is living ) must live on,
the world must praise that there is/was no equal to you.

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Very good attempt. Keep it up. 🙂

Tamil Rasigan

Tamil Rasigan

Thanks Subash. Glad you liked the blog 🙂



Beautiful lyrics by Vaalee. The lyrics in the last stanza “Irunthaalum marainthaalum paer solla vendum Evar polla yaar endru oor solla vendum” very much applicable to the poet himself – a life he lived to be remembered.



Vanakkam, Mikka Nandri for this blog. I offer my gratitude and appreciation for your efforts. In this busy world, thanks for taking the time to do this .Such happenings encourage young Tamil speakers and give spirit to everyone .Please continue these translations whenever possible.
Malini Subramanian



Thanks Malini for your words of encouragement. Kindly let your friends too know about our effort!



I love the print option. It makes it easier to add these to my wall collection.
Thanks much. Malini.