[Aandavan kattalai] Amaidhiyaana nadhiyinile oodum…

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Well, it is kannadasan’s genius that a seeming love song 🙂 has so much thathuvam  😛

Movie: Aandavan kattalai
Poet: Kannadasan
Singer: T.M.Sounderajan, P.Suseela
Music Director: M S Viswanathan and T K Ramamoorthy
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(5)-(1)-(6)-(7)-(7)-(1)-(1)-(8)-(8)-(9)-(1)-(1)-(10)-(11)-(1)-(2)-(1)

(1)அமைதியான நதியினிலே ஓடும்
 ஓடம் அளவில்லாத வெள்ளம் வந்தால் ஆடும்

Amaidhiyaana nadhiyinile oodum,
oadam alavillaadha vellam vandaal aadum,

The boat moves on (functions properly) in a silent(serene) river,
however if there is a limitless flood, it shakes ( turbulent and capsizes),

(we humans are fine when things are going well, but when a catastrophe (bad time) strikes we get shaken and fall down)

(2)காற்றினிலும் மழையினிலும் கலங்க வைக்கும் இடியினிலும் 
 (3)கரையினிலே ஒதுங்கி நின்றால் வாழும்

kaatrinilum malaiinilum kalangavaikkum idiyinilum,
karayinile odungi nindraal vaalum,

if during huge winds, lashing rains and in heavy thunder,
the boat stays at the shore, then it will live,

(if during bad times, we stay at the shore ( take no risks, or pray god etc) , we will go through the bad phase and good times will come back)

(4)தென்னை இளங்கீற்றினிலே தாலாட்டும் தென்றலது
 (5)தென்னை தனை சாய்த்து விடும் புயலாக வரும்பொழுது

thennai ilankeetrinile thaalaattum thendral adhu,
thennai thanai saaithuvidum puyalaaga varumpoludhu,

the same breeze that gently lullabies the leaves of the coconut tree,
can bring down the coconut tree, when it turns into a storm,
( the coconut tree can boast as being mighty etc , but when a storm strikes it goes down)

(6)ஆற்றங்கரை மேட்டினிலே ஆடி நிற்கும் நாணலது
 (7)காற்றடித்தால் சாய்வதில்லை கனிந்த மனம் வீழ்வதில்லை

aatrangarai mettinile, aadi nirkum naanalathu,
kaatradithaal saaivathillai, kanintha manam veelvathillai,

however there is the Hardy Sugar Cane grass(naanal),which is found in the river bank, ( it is a small plant known to withstand the severest of storms)
it does not go down on any storm, in the same way a matured mind never sulks and remains unaffected by major catastrophes’.
( naanal may seem a small plant ( compared to the mighty coconut tree) but it can withstand any amount of storm)

(8)நாணலிலே காலெடுத்து நடந்து வந்த பெண்மை இது
 (9)நாணம் எனும் தென்றலிலே தொட்டில் கட்டும் மென்மையிது

Naanalilae kaal eduthu nadandu vanda penmayidhu,
naanamennum thendralile, thottil kattum menmayidhu,

women and naanal are but the same things (they are strong/mature),
they also have the softness that will build a cradle in the breeze,

(10)அந்தியில் மயங்கி விழும் காலையில் தெளிந்து விடும்
 (11)அன்பு மொழி கேட்டுவிட்டால் துன்பநிலை மாறிவிடும்

Andhiyil mayangividum,kaalayil thelindhu vidum,
Anbu moli kaettuvittaal, thunba nilai maari vidum,

anything which falls in the dusk, will rise back in the morning (up’s and down’s are a part of life),
with the language of love, all the worries will vanish.

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Nice lyics



very nice song ! (all from Kanadasan are nice !)
Possible to have lyrics also in tamil please ?