[Thappu Thaalangal] Ennada polladha vazhkai ….

What a thathuvam, what a shtyle! what a song!

Movie: Thappu Thaalangal
Poet: Kannadasan
Music: Vijay Bhaskar
Singer: S.P .Balasubramaniam
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(2)-(4)-(2)-(5)-(2)-(1)

(1)என்னடா பொல்லாத வாழ்க்கை ?
 அட என்னடா பொல்லாத வாழ்க்கை !
 யாரை நெனச்சு நம்ம பெத்தாலோ அம்மா 
அட போகும் இடம் ஒன்னு தான் விடுங்கடா சும்மா

Ennada polladha vazhkai,
Ada Ennada polladha vazhkai,
Yaarai nenachi namma pethalo amma,
Pogum idam onnu thaan vidungada summa,

what is this ruthless thing called “Life” to which we assign so much importance!
damn! what is this ruthless thing called “Life”?
your mother, when giving birth to you, may have thought that you would be a great man one day,
but it does not matter, finally our destination is all the same (death),

 (2) இதுக்கு போய் அலட்டிக்கலாமா 
இதுக்கு போய் அல்ட்டிக்கலாமா 
என்னடா பொல்லாத வாழ்க்கை ?
அட என்னடா பொல்லாத வாழ்க்கை ! 

ithukku poi alatikkalama,
ithukku poi alatikkalama,
ennada polladha vazhkai,
ada Ennada polladha vazhkai,

why does one have to take these things seriously?
huh! why does one have to take these things seriously?
what is this ruthless thing called “Life” to which we assign so much importance!
damn! what is this ruthless thing called “Life”?

(3) காடாறு மாதம் அப்பா ,
 நாடாறு மாதம் அப்பா ,
 ராஜாக்கள் கதை இது தான்ப்பா ,
 நம்ப நிலை தேவலையப்பா ,
 முடிஞ்சா ஆடுற வரைக்கும் ஆடு !
 இல்லை ஓடுற வரைக்கும் ஓடு ! 

kaadaru maatham appa,
naadaru maatham appa,
raajakkal kathai ithuthaampa,
namba nelai thevalaiyappa,
mudinja aadura varaikkum aadu,
illai odura varaikkum odu,

Living in the woods for six months,
Living in the kingdom for six months,
this is the life of kings,
my situation is much better than that,
keep playing  till you can,
or keep running till you can,

(4)படிக்க ஆசை வச்சேன் முடியல 
உழைச்சு பார்த்துப்புட்டேன் தெரியல 
பொழைக்க வேற வழி தெரியலே
நடந்தேன் நான் நெனச்ச வழியிலே
இதுக்கு காரணம் தான் யாரு 
படைச்ச சாமிக்கிட்டா போய் கேளு ?

padikka asai vechen mudiyale,
uzhaichum paathu putten vidiyale,
pozhaikka vera vazhi theriyale,
nadanthen nan nenacha vazhiyile,
ithukku kaaranam thaan yaaru,
padaicha saamiya poi kelu,

I desired to read, but could not!
I even tried to word hard! that did not change things for better!
I dint know of any other way to live and sustain,
so I went in the way that best suited me (not worrying if it was the right thing to do)!
who is the reason for this,
go ask the god who created us!

 (5)நான் செய்யுறேன் தப்புதண்டா !
 வேற வழியெதும் உண்டா ?
 ஊருக்குள்ளே யோக்கியனை கண்டா ஓடி போயி என்னிடம் கொண்டா !
 கிடைச்சா கிடைக்கிறவரைக்கும் பாரு ,
 பிடிச்சா திருட்டுப் பட்டம் நூறு 

nan seyren thappu thanda,
vera vazhi ethum unda,
oorukkulle yogyarai kanda,
odi poyi ennidam kondam,
kedaicha kedaikira varaikkum paaru,
pidicha thiruttu pattam nooru,

I do misdeeds,
is there a better or other way?
if you see a good person in the world,
go and bring him to me, (since it very hard to find good people in this world)
try to get as much of a situation as possible to benefit you ( without worrying that you are doing the right thing),

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Yaay thalaivar’s song :):)

Dr. Subramanian

Dr. Subramanian

This song brings disgrace to the merit of Kannadasan. This song has no merit whatsoever. Please delete it.

Tamil Rasigan

Tamil Rasigan

Dear Dr.Subramanian,
I beg to differ! I think this song has some messages to take away.. for instance, about not taking life too seriously!

Ranee Narendranath

Ranee Narendranath

Love this song…

Ranee Narendranath

Ranee Narendranath

Thanks for the translation. But it’s a bit stiff, not able to do justice to the haughtiness in the song.