[Bale Pandiya] neeye unakku endrum nigaraanavan..

A truly wonderful composition. The comic elements and the rhythms in the song are brilliant. Special kudos to the Music directors and the singers.

Movie: Bale Pandiya
Poet: Kannadasan
Singers: TM. Sounderarajan and M. Raj
Music: M S Viswanathan and T K Ramamoorthy
Song sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(2)-(1)…..

(1)நீயே உனக்கு என்றும் நிகரானவன்
(2)அந்தி நிழல் போல் குழல் வளர்த்த 
தாயாகி வந்தவன்

neeye unakku endrum nigaraanavan
andhi nizhal pol kuzhal valartha
thaayaagi vandhavan

You are your only match (You are unique/incomparable)
Like the mother who has grown her hair like the twilight shadow (which is dark with a shade of brown and is beautiful),
you have come to us. (caring and pouring your affection)

(3)வாய் வேதம் கை நீதி விழி அன்பு மொழி கருணை
கருணை கருணை கருணை கருணை
வாய் வேதம் கை நீதி விழி அன்பு மொழி கருணை
வடிவாகி முடிவற்ற முதலான இறைவா

vaai vedham kai needhi vizhi anbu mozhi karunai
karunai karunai karunai karunai
vaai vedham kai needhi vizhi anbu mozhi karunai
vadivaagi mudivatra mudhalaana iraivaa

Your words are like scriptures, your hands delivers justice, your eyes shower affection, your language shows compassion,
compassion, compassion, compassion,compassion,
your words are like scriptures, your hands delivers justice, your eyes shower affection, your language shows compassion, 
you embody all these qualities and you are the foremost god with no end (like god Shiva who showed that he is the best by appearing with endless start and end)

(4)துதிபாடும் கூட்டம் உன்னை நெருங்காதையா
வெறும் தூபத்தின் உன் இதயம் மயங்காதையா
(5)விதி கூட உன் வடிவை நெருங்காதையா
(6)வினை வென்ற மனம் கொண்ட இனம் கண்டு
துணை சென்று வென்ற தெய்வமலர்

thudhi paadum koottam unnai nerungaadhayaa
verum dhoobathil un idhayam mayangaadhayaa
vidhi kooda un vadivai nerungaadhayaa
vinai vendra manam konda inam kandu
thunai sendru vendra deiva malar

people who sing false praises of you cannot come near you,
your heart is never fulfilled by just external pretences (such as lighting the incense stick to please god),
even destiny does not dare to come near your untarnished image,
you are the one who won over Karma (action, its fruits and the law governing it), You have a good heart, You help
every clan and won their hearts, you are truly a divine flower

For those of you do not understand tamil Maama = Uncle (here it referes to father-in-law), Maapilai = Groom

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Vignesh Karthik Hariharan

Love this song for TMS’s gAndIvakkural. Excellent in the immortal lines of Kavignar Kannadasan.

Can you please do “mayakkamaa kalakkamaa” from Sumaithangi? Another Kannadaasan gem that helps a man to get through even the darkest of nights in despair. It’s sheer genius as Vaali once explained about the logical build up in the structure of the song as each subsequent line is a logical answer to the question the previous line puts forth.

Vignesh Karthik Hariharan

Just found the link for Mayakkamaa. Thanks!

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