[Thiruvilaiyaadal] Paattum Naanae… Bhaavamum Naanae…

Simple, elegant, and magnificent – #PaattumNaanae #BhaavamumNaanae from #Thiruvilaiyaadal. A song written by #Kannadasan beautifully renditioned by #TMS, and composed by #KVMahadevan. #SivajiGanesan added life to the song. This song is a bliss to listen to, and I felt the same when translating it as well.

Plot- Quoted from wiki “The great singer Hemanatha Bhagavathar (T. S. Balaiah) was trying to conquer pandyan territory when he challenges the poets in the court. The minister of territory advises the king asking Banabatharar (T. R. Mahalingam) a devotional singer to challenge Hemanatha Bhagavathar. As all poets in the court rejects the competition, the king having no further choice orders Banabatharar to compete against the air-headed singer. The troubled Banabatharar who knows that he can’t win, prays to lord shiva. As he swoons, shiva in disguise of a firewood seller shows up outside Hemanatha Bhagavathar’s house the night singing a very complex and astonishing song “Pattum Nane” thereby shattering his arrogance. When Hemanatha Bhagavathar comes to know about the seller has got trained by Banabatharar, he gets embarrassed and leaves the kingdom that very night leaving a letter to Banabatharar through the firewood seller.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thiruvilayadal_(1965_film))

Movie: Thiruvilaiyaadal
Poet: Kannadasan
Singers: T.M. Soundararajan
Music: K. V. Mahadevan
Song sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(3)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(4)-(5)-(6)-(6)-(7)-(8)-(8)-(9)-(8)-(9)-(10)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(1)

(1) பாட்டும் நானே பாவமும் நானே
 (2) பாடும் உன்னை நான் பாடவைத்தேனே

Paattum naanae Bhaavamum naayae
paadum unnai naan paada vaithaenae

I am the song, I am the expression (that the song brings in)
I am the one who made the singer in you sing.

(3) கூட்டும் இசையும் கூத்தின் முறையும்
 காட்டும் என்னிடம் கதை சொல்ல வந்தாயோ

koottum isaiyum koothin muraiyum
kaatum yennidam kadhai solla vandhaaiyoo

I am the one who demonstrates the compounding music (or how to blend music), and the methodology of a play;
Have you come to make up stories (about them) to me?

(4) அசையும் பொருளில் இசையும் நானே
 (5) ஆடும் கலையின் நாயகன் நானே
 (6) எதிலும் இயங்கும் இயக்கம் நானே
 (7) என் இசை நின்றால் அடங்கும் உலகே

asaiyum porulil isaiyum naanae
aadum kalaiyin naayagan naanae
yedhilum iyangum iyakkam naanae
yen isai nindral adangum ulagae

I am the music (life) in the movable objects
I am the lead in the art of dance
I am the action (driving force) responsible for all that functions.
If my music (action) stops, the world would stop (functioning)

(8) நான் அசைந்தால் அசையும் அகிலமெல்லாமே
 (9) அறிவாய் மனிதா உன் ஆணவம் பெரிதா
 (10) ஆலவாயனோடு பாட வந்தவனின்
 பாடும் வாயை இனி மூட வந்த ஒரு
 பாட்டும் நானே !!! பாவமும் நானே

naan asaindhaal asaiyum agilam yellaamae
arivaai manidhaa un aanavam peridhaa
Aalavaayanoodu pada vandhavanin;
paadum vaayai ini mooda vandha oru
paatum naanae!!! Bhaavamum naayae!!!

The world moves if I move (The world would move in response to my action)
Oh human! realize it! Is your arrogance worth more?
I am the song that is going to shut the mouth of the person
who has come to compete (sing ) against the one from Aalavaay!!!
and I am the expression (that the song brings in)!!!

(Aalavaay: Madurai; The word derived for its circular map. It represents a serpent with its head and tail together forming a circular shape; ThiruAalavaayan – Lord at Aalavaay (Shiva))

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Personal Concerns

Personal Concerns

I want to watch this film!

Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity

This is an excellent song – I just love it. I once tried singing it before my classmates, but did a hopeless job at it. We had an audio cassette of this movie and I used to listen to it many times when I was younger!

Destination Infinity



@Destination Infinity. I too have memories of listening to the cassette :). Glad you liked it

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