[Mouna Ragam] MandRam vandhdha thendRalukku…

This song has stolen the hearts of millions; it is the hypnotic mix of Ilaiyaraaja’s music, Vaali’s lyrics,  S. P. Balasubrahmanyam’s voice, Maniratnam’s direction, Mohan and Revathi’s expressions and P.C Sreeram’s photography!

I really hope we made justice translating this one!

The music was adapted recently by Ilaiyaraaja himself for Cheeni Kum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGG8ObpHEow)

Movie: Mouna Ragam
Poet: Vaali
Singer: S.P Balasubrahmanyam
Music Director: Ilaiyaraaja
Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(2)-(1)

(1) மன்றம் வந்த தென்றலுக்கு மஞ்சம் வர நெஞ்சம் இல்லாயோ அன்பே என் அன்பே 
(2) தொட்டவுடன் சுட்டதென்ன கட்டழகு வட்ட நிலவோ கண்ணே என் கண்ணே
பூபாளமே கூடாதென்னும் வானம் உண்டோ சொல்

mandRam vandhdha thendRalukku manjam vara nenjam illaayoa anpae en anpae
thottavudan suttadhenna kattazhagu vatta nilavoa kaNNae en kaNNae
boobaaLamae koodaadhennum vaanam uNdoa sol

The breeze that came until the entrance of the house (or wedding podium),  doesn’t it have the heart to come until the couch? Oh dear! Oh dear!
Why is it that as soon as I touch the wonderously beautiful full moon, it burns me? Oh dear! Oh dear!
Is there a sky which would blatantly refuse to hear the Bhupalam raga?
(Bhupalam raga is considered as an auspicious morning raga i.e when the sun rises (lawn of light), here the poet tries to ask is there ever a sky which always wants to be shrouded in darkness (bad times) and never wants to see light (good times)? )

(3)மேடையைப் போலே வாழ்க்கை அல்ல நாடகம் ஆனதும் விலகிச் செல்ல
ஓடையைப் போலே உறவும் அல்ல, பாதைகள் மாரியே பயணம் செல்ல
விண்ணொடு தான் உலாவும் வெள்ளி வண்ண நிலாவும் 
என்னோடு நீ வந்தால் என்ன வா

maedaiyaip poalae vaazhkkai illai naadagam aanadhum vilagi chella
oadaiyaip poalae uRavum alla, paadhaigaL maariyae payaNam sella
viNNodu thaan ulaavum veLLi vaNNa nilaavum
ennoadu nee vandhdhaal enna vaa

life is not like the (drama) stage, to separate and leave after the play is finished,
our relationship is not like that of a river, that bifurcates and continues its journey independently as different streams,
Even the silver moon always tours with the skies,
but why dont you come with me? Come!

(4) தாமரை மேலே நீர் துளி போல் தலைவனும் தலைவியும் வாழ்வதென்ன
நண்பர்கள் போலே வாழ்வதுக்கு மாலையும் மேளமும் தேவையென்ன
சொந்தங்களே இல்லாமல் பந்த பாசம் கொள்ளாமல்  பூவே உன் வாழ்க்கை தான் என்ன சொல்

thaamarai maelae neer thuLi poal thalaivanum thalaiviyum vaazhvadhenna
naNparkaL poalae vaazhvadhukku maalaiyum maeLamum thaevaiyenna
sondhdhangaLae illaamal pandhdha paasam koLLaamal poovae un vaazhkkai thaan enna sol

why do the master and his wife live life like the water droplet on a lotus leaf?
what was the need for the garlands and drums (marking the marriage ceremony) if they were to live as only friends (without a physical relationship),
Oh flower! tell me, what is the meaning of your life if you want to live it bereft of relationships or devoid of love and attachment?

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Great translation guys! Thanks a lot for this one!

Pradeep CK

Pradeep CK

What a lovely song, and translated so sensitively… Tamil is so beautiful, the words making love to each other



Lyrics… Music…. Actors performance…. Photography… Every thing just awesome…. Special thanks for translation which helped me to understand meaning of lyrics and enjoy it fully🙏💐👍