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What better way to describe Shiva! Listening to this song, even an atheist will fall in love with Shiva! Poetry like this show that Kannadasan was unreal and god sent! What words, what music and what rendition! Om Namashivaya! Thoroughly enjoyed researching and translating this.

Movie: Thiruvilaiyadal
Singer: K. B. Sundarambal
Music: K. V. Mahadevan
Lyrics: Kannadasan
Year: 1965

ஒன்றானவன், உருவில் இரண்டானவன்,

onRaanavan, uruvil iraNdaanavan,

He is the one (unified form), bodily he is two ( he and parvathi)

உருவான செந்தமிழில் மூன்றானவன்,

uruvaana chendhamizhil moonRaanavan,

With the genesis of Tamil, he became three
( Iyal (இயல்) – poetry , Isai (இசை) – music, Naadakam (நாடகம்) – drama )

நன்றான வேதத்தில் நான்கானவன்,

nanRaana vaedhathil naangaanavan,

In the good Vedas, he became four
(the rig veda, yajur veda, sama veda, atharva veda)

நமச்சிவாய என ஐந்தானவன்,

namachivaaya ena aindhaanavan,

By taking on the syllable, நமசிவாய ( Na- Ma- Si- Va- Ya), he became five

இன்பச் சுவைகளுக்குள் ஆறானவன்,

inbach chuvaihaLukkuL aaRaanavan,

In the sensul tastes, he became six
( Sweet (Inippu), Sour (Pulippu), Salty (OOvarppu), Bitter (Kasappu), Pungent (Kaarppu), Astringent (Thuvarppu) )

இன்னிசை ஸ்வரங்களில் ஏழானவன்,

innisai svarangaLil aezhaanavan,

In the melodious swaras, he became seven
(Sa – Shadjama (Tonic), Ri – Rishabha, Ga – Gandhara, Ma – Madhyama, Pa – Panchama (Perfect Fifth), Da – Dhaivata, Ni – Nishada)

சித்திக்கும் பொருள்களில் எட்டானவன்,

chithikkum poruLhaLil ettaanavan,

In the siddhis, he became eight
(அணிமா(anima), மஹிமா(mahima), லஹிமா(laghima), கரிமா(garima), பிராப்த்தி(prapti), பிரகாமியம்(prakamya), ஈசத்துவம்(istava) and வசித்துவம்(vasitva))

தித்திக்கும் நவரச வித்தானவன்!

thithikkum navarasa vithaanavan!

In the scintillating emotions, he became nine
Shringara (love/beauty), Hasya (laughter), Karuna (sorrow), Raudra (anger), Veera (heroism/courage), Bhayanaka (terror/fear), Bibhatsya (disgust), Adbutha (surprise/wonder) and Shantha (peace or tranquillity)

பத்தானவன், நெஞ்சில் பற்றானவன்!

pathaanavan, nenjil patRaanavan!

He is the one who donned the 10 heads (Ravana), he is the one who is attached to the heart,

பன்னிருகை வேலவனைப் பெற்றானவன்!

panniruhai vaelavanaip petRaanavan!

He is the father of the 12 handed Murugan!
Ref: https://astroulagam.com.my/lifestyle/real-story-behind-murugans-6-faces-84324

முற்றாதவன்! மூல முதலானவன்!

mutRaadhavan! moola mudhalaanavan!

He is the one who does not age! He is beginning and the very first one!

முன்னைக்கும் பின்னைக்கும் நடுவானவன்!

munnaikkum pinnaikkum naduvaanavan!

He is the middle one (naduvan- god of death), the one who guards the midway between the past (previous birth) and the future ( the after life). [The middleman between death and afterlife]

ஆணாகிப் பெண்ணாகி நின்றானவன்!
அவை ஒன்று தான் ஒன்று சொன்னானவன்!

aaNaahip peNNaahi ninRaanavan!
avai onRu thaan onRu chonnaanavan!

He is the one who stands as the man and the woman!
He is the one who preached that they are but the one ( essence of the same cosmic energy- man and woman)

தான் பாதி உமை பாதி கொண்டானவன்!
சரி பாதி பெண்மைக்குத் தந்தானவன்!

thaan paadhi umai paadhi koNdaanavan!
chari paadhi peNmaikkuth thandhaanavan!

He is half him and half his wife ( Parvathi)!
He gave the equal half to feminity!

காற்றானவன், ஒளியானவன்! நீரானவன் நெருப்பானவன்!
நேற்றாகி இன்றாகி என்றைக்கும் நிலையான
ஊற்றாகி நின்றானவன்! அன்பின் ஒளியாகி நின்றானவன்!

kaatRaanavan, oLiyaanavan! neeraanavan neruppaanavan!
naetRaahi inRaahi enRaikkum nilaiyaana
ootRaahi ninRaanavan! anbin oLiyaahi ninRaanavan!

He is the wind, he is the light! He is the water, He is the fire!
He is the yesterday, He is the today, He stands there forever as the stable water fountain ( Ganges)
He stands as the beacon and epitome of love!

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