[Apoorva raagangal] yelu swarangalukkul yethanai paadal…..

Movie: Apoorva raagangal
Poet : Kannadasan
Singer: Vani Jayaram
Music: M.S Viswanathan 

ஏழு ஸ்வரங்களுக்குள் எத்தனை பாடல் 
இதயச் சுரங்கத்துள் எத்தனை கேள்வி
காணும் மனிதருக்குள் எத்தனை சலனம்
வெறும் கற்பனை சந்தோஷத்தில் அவனது கவனம்

Yelu swarangalukkul yethanai paadal ,
idhaya surangaththul yethanai kelvi ,
kaanum manidharukkul yethanai salanam,
verum karpanai sandhoshaththil avanadhu gavanam.

Just with these 7  notes (sa , re , ga , ma , pa ,da , ne) , how many innumerable songs?
Within the depths of one’s heart (depicted as a tunnel), how many innumerable questions?
In the people we see, how many innumerable disturbances (indecisions),
all his (human’s) attention is for mere  imaginary pleasures,

காலை எழுந்தவுடன் நாளைய கேள்வி
அது கையில் கிடைத்த பின்னும் துடிக்குது ஆவி 
ஏனென்ற கேள்வி ஒன்றே என்றைக்கும் தங்கும்
மனித இன்பதுன்பம் எதிலும் கேள்விதான் மிஞ்சும் 

kaalai elundhavudan naalaiya kelvi,
adhu kaiyil kidaiththa pinnum thudikkudhu aavi,
enendra kelvi onru endraikkum thangum
manidha inbathunbam edhilum kelvidhaan minjum.

As soon you wake up in the morning, you are worried about the tomorrow!
once you reach it also, your soul is restless ,
the question of “why”  always stays along,
In human’s happiness or sadness, finally what remains is only a question,

எனக்காக நீ அழுதால் இயற்கையில் நடக்கும் 
நீ எனக்காக உணவு உண்ண எப்படி நடக்கும் 
நமக்கென்று பூமியிலே கடமைகள் உண்டு
அதை நமக்காக நம் கையால் செய்வது நன்று

enakkaaga nee aludhaal iyarkaiyil nadakkum,
nee enakkaaga unavu unna eppadi nadakkum ,
namakkendru bhoomiyile kadamaigal undu,
adhai  namakkaaga nam kaiyaal seyvadhu nanru,

You can cry on my behalf, this can naturally happen,
however how can you eat  for me? ( you have to eat to satisfy your hunger, some body else eating on your behalf would not reduce your hunger),
In this earth each of us has our duties to perform,
its good to perform these duties with our own hands , for ourselves.

ஆரம்பத்தில் பிறப்பும் உன் கையில் இல்லை 
என்றும் அடுத்தடுத்த நடப்பும் உன் கையில் இல்லை 
பாதை வகுத்த பின்பு பயந்தென்ன லாபம்
அதில் பயணம் நடத்திவிடு மறைந்திடும் பாவம்

aarambaththil pirappum un kaiyil illai,
yendrum aduthadutha nadappum un kaiyil illai,
paadhai vaguththa pinbu bayandhenna laabam,
adhil payanam nadaththividu maraindhidum paavam,

In the beginning, your birth is not in your hands,
always, what happens after another, is also not in your hands,
Once you have decided on a path to be taken,  what is the use of getting scared?
take the path and go ahead with your journey, all the sins will  disappear

நாளைப் பொழுது என்றும் நமக்கென வாழ்க 
அதை நடத்த ஒருவனுண்டு கோயிலில் காண்க 
வேளை பிறக்கும் என்று நம்பிக்கை கொள்க
எந்த வேதனையும் மாறும் மேகத்தைப் போல

naalai poludhu endrum namakkena vaalga,
adhai nadaththa oruvanundu kovilil kaanga,
velai pirakkum endru nambikkai kolga ,
endha vedhanaiyum maarum megaththai  pola.

always live tomorrow in the belief that it is for us,
to guide us along there is someone, find it in the temple,
believe that your time will come,
every sorrow will vanish  like a passing cloud.

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A beautiful song that should be heard by everyone! The lyrics of songs nowadays can never live up to this!



One of the most historic songs in Tamil cinema. I love this song mainly because it shows “Arimugam Rajnikanth”. I am a hard core Rajni fan. Wonderful and thought provoking lyrics by Kannadasan and spectacular singing by Vani Jayaram are two other reasons for loving this song. yet another reason is that this song sets the tone for the revolutionary story and screenplay of this movie. Beautifully acted out by Srividya and Nagesh. Thanks KB!! He deserves every award that one can think of!!

Tamil Rasigan

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Meenakshi, Agree! a wonderful all rounder this one is !



I was actually listening to yelu swarangalukkul yethanai paadal, n thought of giving a search on this and I found your blog. Your blog!! man quite impressive, the contents are too good…. Tamil thathuvangale azhagu than, andha azhaguku azhagu sertha madhiri irukindradhu indha blog. yella thathuvangalum ore idathil… Good job… Keep going 🙂



Thanks Monsi. Glad you like the blog 🙂

Parthiban Sf.Gopal

Parthiban Sf.Gopal

I am a Tamil song Lover; I need the english explaination for the song ‘;Raagangal Pathinaru Uravaner Varalare” of the movie Thillu Mulle; written by Kannadasan and the song sang by SPBala in 1980. Thank you.


Parthiban S.Gopal

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