[Thaai Moogamikai] Janani Janani jagam nee agam nee…

This song transports one to another level of consciousness. It is the magical mix of the divine voice and eternal music of Ilaiyaraaja, powerful lyrics from Vaali and beautiful picturization. Ever wondered what the lyrics of the song meant? We attempt to discover the meaning of the song! Do have a look and let us know your views.

Movie: Thaai Moogamikai
Poet: Vaali
Music Director: Ilaiyaraaja
Singer: Ilaiyaraaja
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(3)-(2)-(4)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(7)-(7)-(8)-(8)-(8)-(2)-(3)-(9)-(10)-(10)-(11)-(12)-(12)-(13)-(13)-(13)-(2)-(3)-(14)-(15)-(15)-(14)-(15)-(15)-(16)-(17)-(17)-(18)-(18)-(18)-(18)-(18)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(2)-(2)-(2)

(1)சிவ சக்த்யா யுக்தோ யதி பவதி சக்த ப்ரபவிதும்

நசே தேவம் தேவோ ந கலு குசல ஸ்பந்தி துமபி 
அத த்வாம் ஆராத்யாம் ஹரிஹர விரிஞ்சாதி பிர் அபி

பிரணந்தும் ஸ்தோதும் வா கதம் அக்ருத புண்யப் ப்ரபவதீ

Shivah shakthya yukto yadi bhavati shaktah prabhavitum
Na che devam devo na khalu kusalah spanditum api
Atah stwaam araadyaam hari hara virinchi aadibhirapi
Pranantum stotum vaa katham akrta punyah prabhavati

Oh goddess – the source of energy! Only when Shiva is with you is he capable of creating the universe,
When you are not with him, he cannot even respond or move (for you are part of him),
For the same reason do the trinity ( Vishnu-protector, Shiva-destroyer and Brahma-creator) along with other gods worship you,
To even sing in your praise and salute you,  one must have accrued virtues (of good deeds in previous births)

(2)ஜனனி ஜனனி ஜகம் நீ அகம் நீ 

(3)ஜகத்காரணி நீ பரிபூரணி நீ

Janani Janani jagam nee agam nee
Jagath kaarani nee paripoorani nee

Oh divine mother! you are the world! you are our inner self!
You are the the force behind the birth of this universe! You are the entirety!

(4)ஒரு மான் மழுவும் சிறு கூன் பிறையும்

(5)சடை வார் குழலும் விடை வாகனமும்

(6)கொண்ட நாயகனின் குளிர் தேகத்திலே

(7)நின்ற நாயகியே இட பாகத்திலே
(8)ஜகன் மோஹினி நீ சிம்ம வாஹினி நீ

Oru maan mazhuvum siru koon piraiyum
Sadai vaarkuzhalum vidai vaaganamum
Konda naayaganin kulir dhaegaththilae
Ninra naayagiyae ida baagaththilae
Jagan moahini nee simma vaahini nee

To the lord who stands holding a deer and an axe, adorning the third phase of the moon (crescent),
The one who has long dense and long hair, and has a bull (nandi) as his vehicle,
You formed the left half of his cold body (Lord Shiva is also called Ardhanarishvara, a composite androgynous form of Shiva and Parvati, with Parvati talking the left half)
You are the one who deludes this world, You are the one who has the tiger as her vehicle,

(9)சதுர் வேதங்களும் பஞ்ச பூதங்களும்

(10)ஷண் மார்க்கங்களும் சப்த தீர்த்தங்களும்

(11)அஷ்ட யோகங்களும் நவ யாகங்களும்

(12)தொழும் பூங் கழலே மலை மாமகளே
(13)அலைமாமகள் நீ கலைமாமகள் நீ

Chathur vaedhangalum panja boodhangalum
Shan maarggangalum saptha theerththangalum
Ashta yoagangalum nava yaagangalum
Thozhum poonkazhale malai maamagalae
Alai maamagal nee kalai maa magal nee

The four vedas (Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda), the five elements of nature (land, water, air, sky, fire),
The six truthful ways of life, The holy water from seven holy rivers,
The eight supernatural powers (siddhis or 8 form of knowledge), and the nine types of penance, 
all of them worship you – the goddess with flower laden feet, you are as glorious and high as the mountains (or can be interpreted as being the daughter of the mountain),
you are as glorious as the waves, you are the supreme of all art forms,

(14)ஸ்வர்ண ரேகையுடன் ஸ்வயமாகி வந்த

(15)லிங்க ரூபிணியே மூகாம்பிகையே

(16)பல தோத்திரங்கள் தர்ம சாத்திரங்கள்

(17)பணிந்தேத் துவதும் மணி நேத்திரங்கள்
(18)சக்தி பீடமும் நீ ஸர்வ மோக்ஷமும் நீ

Swarna raegaiyudan svayamaagi vandha
Linga roopiniyae mookambigaiyae
Pala thoaththirangal dharma saaththirangal
Panindhae thuvadhum mani naeththirangal
Sakthi peedamum nee sarva moatchamum nee

With the golden palm line, you self-manifested your self
in the form of a Lingam. Oh Mookambika! (Kollur Mookambikai temple has a swayambu Lingam which has a mysterious golden line running across it)
Numerous hymns, the rituals of the religious system,
are read and performed by my eyes,  to bow and praise you,
You are at the throne of supreme energy, you are the emancipation for all

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Beautifully done 🙂 thanks for translating this lovely gem 🙂 best wishes mahesh 🙂



Thanks for your wishes Mahesh! Cheers!



Thanks for the explanation.. I think myself as an atheist but still can enjoy this song..



Hi Von, Exactly, you dont need to beleive in god to enjoy this song.. the music and the voice just transports you to another level.



excellent translation!!!!!



Thanks Subasini

R Senguttuvan

R Senguttuvan

Geniune Meaning iam practiceing to sing this song .



Excellent song. I thought alai maamagal ne, kalai maamagal ne meant “You are Lakhsmi, you are Saraswathi”. Makes sense?