[Sumaithangi] Manithan enbavan deivam aagalam….

This song depicts how a good human should live his life . Wonderful lyrics from kannadasan.

Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(4)-(1)-(1)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(2)-(1)
Movie: Sumaithangi
Poet: Kannadasan
Singer: P.B.Srinivas
Music: M.S.Viswanathan 

(1)மனிதன் என்பவன் தெய்வமாகலாம்

Manithan enbavan deivam aagalam

A human can become god.

(2)வாரிவாரி வழங்கும் போது வள்ளலாகலாம்
வாழைப் போல தன்னை தந்து தியாகியாகலாம்
உருகி ஓடும் மெழுகு போல ஒளியை வீசலாம்

vaari vaari vazhangumpodhu vallal agalam
vaalai pola thannai thanthu thyagi agalam
urugi odum melugu pola olaiyaai  veesalam.

When he gives ( unconditionally and without any selfishness ( in scoops and heaps) ), he becomes a king (philanthropist),
Just like a banana tree ( whose every part is useful – signifying ultimate sacrifice) , one could  sacrifice for the good of people and be remembered as a great human,
he could spread light ( all goodness and positive energy), like the wax in the candle that melts itself to spread light.

(3)ஊருக்கென்று வாழ்ந்த நெஞ்சம் சிலைகளாகலாம்
உறவுக்கென்று விரிந்த உள்ளம் மலர்களாகலாம்

oorukenru vaalntha nenjam silaigalagalam
uravukenru virindha ullam malargalagalam

the hearts (people) that lived for the welfare of the society  may become (noble) statues ( as a mark of respect),
a person who opens up (helps in need) for  a relationship will bear a heart that is as beautiful and pure as the beautiful flowers. ( emphasizing the importance of helping people around oneself and the concept of inclusion)

(4)யாருக்கென்று அழுத போதும் தலைவனாகலாம்
மனம்! மனம்! அது கோவிலாகலாம்

yaarukenru aludhapodhum thalaivanagalam
manam manam adhu kovil aagalam

When one cries for the problems of others and gives a helping hand, he becomes a great leader,
such a heart with all these qualities, becomes a temple.

(5)மனம் இருந்தால் பறவை கூட்டில் மான்கள் வாழலாம்
வழியிருந்தால் கடுகுக்குள்ளே மலையைக் காணலாம்

manam irundhal paravai koottil mangal vaalalam
vali irundhal kadugukulle malaiyaai kaanalam

If you have the heart then even in a bird’s nest you can accommodate a deer ( emphasizing that you  are never too small to help, its all in the mindset),
if you have the vision/can see the path, then even in a grain of mustard ( something so small) you can envision a mountain ( something big) ( means that even in/with small thing , you can achieve great heights),

(6)துணிந்துவிட்டால் தலையில் எந்த சுமையும் தாங்கலாம்
குணம்! குணம்! அது கோவிலாகலாம்

thunindhu vittal thalaiyil endha sumaiyum thangalam
gunam gunam adhu kovil agalam

if you dare, then you can carry any amount of burden on your head ,
such a virtue or trait , will be considered equivalent to a temple

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sir, in this song ‘vaalai pola thannai thanthu’ refers to Banana Tree and not ‘sword’ as you have mentioned.
Please correct it. Banana tree gives each and every part of it to human beings.

Tamil Rasigan

Tamil Rasigan

Hi Natessan, thanks for the suggestion , I will make the correction



Excellent translation

Dr.Siby Mathews IPS Retd

Dr.Siby Mathews IPS Retd

Very good and useful translation of this iconic song. I had been searching for the correct meaning of the lyrics