[Aalayamani] Ponnai Virumbum Boomiyilae…

Yesteryear’s classic. #PonnaiVirumbumBoomiyilae from the movie #Aalaiyamani. #TMS’s voice, #kanadasan’s phrases, and music composed by #ViswanathanRamamoorthy.

Movie: Aalayamani
Poet: Kanadasan
Singer: T. M. Soundararajan
Music: M. S. Viswanathan, T. K. Ramamoorthy
Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(2)-(4)-(5)-(5)-(2)-(6)-(7)-(7)-(8)-(2)

 கருணை மகன் கால் இழந்தான்
 கண்ட மக்கள் மனம் ஒடிந்தார்
 உயிர் தோழன் கை இழந்தான்
 உத்தமியாள் கண் இழந்தாள்
 சிரித்தவரை கலங்க வைத்த தெய்வமே
 எங்கு சென்றாய் எங்கு சென்றாய்

Karunai magan kaal izhandaan
Kanda makkal manan odindaar
uyir thoozhan kai izhandaan
uthamiyaal kan izhandhaal
Sirithavarai kalanga vaitha…deivamae…
yengu sendraai yengu sendraai

The gracious human had lost his legs
The people who saw it were heartbroken
His best friend now has lost one of his hand (his helping hand)
His lover has lost her eyes (he was has precious as her eyes)
Oh lord!!! you the one who made these happy people to shed tears (that were happy because of him)…
Where did you go… where did you go…

(2) பொன்னை விரும்பும் பூமியிலே
 என்னை விரும்பும் ஓர் உயிரே
 புதயல் தேடி அலையும் உலகில்
 இதயம் தேடும் என் உயிரே

Ponnai virumbum boomiyilae
yennai virumbum oor uyirae
Pudhayal thedi alaiyum ulagil
idhayam thedum yen uyirae

In the world that loves gold (the riches)
you are the one that loves me, my dear.
In the world hunting for treasures
you are the one that searches for a heart, my dear.

(3) ஆயிரம் மலரில் ஒரு மலர் நீயே
 ஆலைய மணியின் இன்னிசை நீயே

aayiram malaril oru malar neeyae
aalaiyamaniyin inisai neeyae

You are one in a thousand flower (a rare breed of flower)
You are the sweet sound from the temple bell

(4) தாய்மை எனக்கே தந்தவள் நீயே
 தங்க கோபுரம் போல வந்தாயே
 புதிய உலகம், புதிய பாசம்
 புதிய தீபம் கொண்டு வந்தாயே

thaaimai yenakae thandhaval neeyae
Thanga goopuram poola vandhaayae
Pudhiya ulagam pudhiya paasam
pudhiya deepam kondu vandhaayae.

You are the one who showered me with motherly affection
You came to me like a golden tower (precious pillar of support)
You showed me a new world, a new affection
you brought a fresh light into my life.

(5) பறந்து செல்லும் பறவையை கேட்டேன்
 பாடி செல்லும் காற்றையும் கேட்டேன்

parandhu sellum paravaiyai kaetaen
Paadi chellum kaatraiyum kaetaen

I asked the flying bird
I also asked the breeze that sings (how they commute without legs)

(6) அலையும் நெஞ்சை அவரிடம் சொன்னேன்
 அழைத்து வந்தார் என்னிடம் உன்னை
 இந்த மனமும் இந்த உறவும்
 என்றும் வேண்டும் என் உயிரே

alaiyum nenjai avaridam sonnaen
azhaithu vandhaar yennidam unna
indha manamum indha uravum
yendrum vendum yen uyirae

I told God about my wandering heart
He brought you to me
I need this kind heart of your’s and this relationship
forever my dear.

(7) ஆலமரத்தின் விழுதினை போலே
 அணைத்து நிற்கும் உறவு தந்தாயே

Aala marathin vizhudinai poolae
Anaithu nirkum uravu thandaayae

Like the hanging roots from a banyan tree
you gave me a supporting relationship

(8) வாழை கன்று அன்னையின் நிழலில்
 வாழ்வது போலே வாழ வைத்தாயே
 உறவும் இரண்டு உயிர்கள் இரண்டு
 உள்ளம் ஒன்றே என் உயிரே

vaazhai kandru annaiyin nizhalil
vaazhvadhu poolae vaazha vaithaayae
uruvam irandu uyirgal irandu
ullam ondrae yen uyirae

Like the plantain tree that grows in its mothers shadow,
you made me live (with your affection)
There are two bodies and two souls
but only one heart ! my dear!.

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Personal Concerns

Personal Concerns

have always loved this song and could till now only make partial sense of the meaningful lyrics. thanks for sharing!!



Thanks @Personal Concerns. We are really happy to hear such wonderful words from our followers, and we are extremely happy to know that our followers regularly read our blog and appreciate the effort. Thank you very much and we really appreciate it. 🙂



My first visit to this blog am totally impressed. Love this song am a great fan of Kanadasan. Such a beautiful Song. i love the Song as well as the Blog



Thanks @Martin… We are trying to further improve our database with more such wonderful songs. Do let us know if you have any suggestions.