Very interesting song! Rahman’s music and rendition is interesting. Vairamuthu’s lyrics is fantastic!

Movie: Raavanan
Poet: Vairamuthu
Singers: A. R. Rahman, Jali Fily Cissokho
Music director: A. R. Rahman
Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(2)-(1)-(1)-(4)=(1)-(4)=1

(1)நான் வருவேன்
 மீண்டும் வருவேன்
 உன்னை நான் தொடர்வேன்
 உயிரால் தொடுவேன்

naan varuven
meendum varuven
unnai naan thodarven
uyiraal thoduven

I will come
I will resurrect and come back again.
I will continue to follow you (continue to be with you)
I will touch you with my soul (make you feel me at heart)

(2)ஒரு பிள்ளை எழுதும் கிறுக்கல் தான் வாழ்க்கையோ
 அதில் அர்த்தம் தேடி அலைவதே வேட்கைய
 (3)அர்த்தம் புரியும் போது வாழ்வு மாறுது
 வாழ்வு கழியும் போது அர்த்தம் மாறுது

oru pillai ezhuthum kirukal dan vaazhkaiyo
athil artham thedi alaivathe vetkaiya
artham puriyum poothu vazhuvu maaruthu
vaazhvu maarum pothu artham maaruthu

Is life like the scribble of a child ?(totally random and not thought of)
is it our quest to try to find the meaning in it (the scribble)?
when we find the meaning, the life changes,
When life changes, the meaning changes thereafter ( implying it is impossible to find the meaning of life)

(4)ஒரு கனவு காற்றில் மிதக்குதோ
 அது மிதந்து கொண்டு சிரிக்குதோ

oru kanavu kaatril midhakutho
athu mithandhu konde sirikutho

Is a  dream (our imagination of life) floating in the air?
Is it laughing at us as it floats? (looking at our ignorance)




  1. Suchee

    Well. I guess you are right to an extent, although both are legends in their own right :). I think with this song, it is a new attempt and experiment to combine non-traditional and alternate sounds.

    1. Personal Concerns

      arr is the type who would choose to experiment ALL THE TIME. A reason behind this streak to inform an artist’s work is in my humble opinion a lack of understanding of what the classical, the established truly is! obviously, no offence intended. Just that I am not very fond of his music.

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