[Kaatru Veliyidai] Kelayo – Tango

The song is set to the tunes of Tango, which requires a partner. It takes two to tango and so does love.

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Movie: Kaatru Veliyidai
Lyricist: Vairamuthu
Singers: Haricharan, Diwakar
Music Director: A R Rahman
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(1)

(1) கேளாயோ? கேளாயோ?
 செம்பூவே கேளாயோ?
 மன்றாடும் என் உள்ளம்

உன்னைப் பிரிந்தால் (2)
 உயிர் வாழா அன்றில் பறவை
 நான் அன்றில் பறவை

kaeLaayoa? kaeLaayoa?
sempoovae kaeLaayoa?
mandRaadum en uLLam

unnaip pirindhdhaal (2)
uyir vaazhaa andRil paRavai
naan andRil paRavai

Won’t you listen?
My precious floret, Won’t you listen?
Won’t you have a look
at my pleading heart?

If I’m separated from you,
I won’t live alone,
Just like the bird Andril!

(2) நீ என்னை மறந்தால் காற்று கதறும்
 கடலின் மேலே ஒட்டகம் நடக்கும்..

nee ennai maRandhdhaal kaatRu kadhaRum
kadalin maelae ottagam nadakkum..

If you ever forget me, Wind will howl,
Camel would walk across oceans..

(3) ஓ நீ என்னை பிரியாய்!
 ஓ நீ என்னை மறவாய்!
 விட்டுப் போனால் எட்டிப் போகும்
 விண்மீனெல்லாம் கொட்டிப்போகும்!

oa nee ennai piriyaay!
oa nee ennai maRavaay!
vittup poanaal ettip poagum
viNmeenellaam kottippoagum!

You won’t go afar from me,
You won’t dare forget me,
If you do, the far far away stars
Would be withering from sky..

[I believe that you wouldn’t forget me until Wind speaks of it’s own accord, Camel walks over ocean or stars twinkle in the sky]

(4) என் குறைகள் ஏது கண்டாய்?
 பேசுவது காதலோ?
 பேணுவது காமமோ?

பிரியம் என்ன போலியோ?
 ஏன் பெண்ணே இடைவெளி?
 எதனால் பிரிந்தாய்?
 பிரிந்தாய் எதனால்?
 மறந்தாய்! மறந்தாய்!!

en kuRaigaL aedhu kaNdaay?
paesuvadhu kaadhaloa?
paeNuvadhu kaamamoa?

piriyam enna poaliyoa?
aen peNNae idaiveLi?
edhanaal pirindhdhaay?
pirindhdhaay edhanaal?
maRandhdhaay! maRandhdhaay!!

What fault did you see in me?
Do you speak of love
Yet you nurture just lust?

Is love just a lie?
Why is there a gap, lady?
Why did you get separated?
Why did you do that?
You dare forget me, Why?

[Kelayo song lyrics with translation]

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Can you tell us about Andril paravai?



Hi Krupa,

Thanks for the trust on us to ask further details..

Andril is famous for its relationship with its pair. The bird doesn’t live apart from their pair..

Have you tried the wiki links available in the English word as well as Tamil word (Two different links)?
If you still need further details, we will start searching more about it..