[Puthukavithai] vellai pura ondru…

Absolute beauty this one is. Ilayaraja’s masterstroke. Thanks to “Personal Concerns” for the suggest. #Ilayaraja #Rajini #Vairamuthu

Movie: Puthukavithai
Poet: Vairamuthu
Singer: K. J. Yesudas
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(2)-(1)

(1)வெள்ளை புறா ஒன்று போனது கையில் வராமலே

vellai pura ondru, ponadhu kaiyil varamale

A white dove, flew away, not coming to me,

(2)முதலெழுத்து தாய்மொழியில்
தலை எழுத்து யார்மொழியில்
என் வாழ்க்கை வான்வெளியில்

mudhalezhuthu, thaai mozhiyil
thalai ezhuthu, yaar mozhiyil
en vazhkai vaan veliyil

the first words we speak are in our mother tongue,
which is the language that is used to write our destiny (referring the  indecipherability),
my life is out in the space, lost!

(3)பாத சுவடு தேடி தேடி கால்கள் ஓய்ந்து போனதே
நாளும் அழுது தீர்த்ததாலே கண்கள் ஏழை ஆனதே
தலை விதி என்னும் வார்த்தை இன்று 
கவலைக்கு மருந்தானதே
பேதங்களே வாழும் வரை 
சோகங்களே  காதல் கதை
கார்காள மலர்களும் என்னொடு தல்லாடும்

padhachuvadu thedi thedi, kaalgal oindhu ponadhe
nalum azhudhu theerthathale, kangal ezhai annathe!
thalai vidhi enum varthai indru,
kavalaikku marundhanadhe
bedhangale, vazhum varai
sogangale kadhal kadhai
kargala malargalum ennodu thalladum

my legs have become tired searching for your footprints,
the prolonged crying every single day, had made my eyes become exhausted, 
today the word “fate” had become,
the best medicine for my worries.
all the differences (discriminations) are only until we live,
all the love stories are an embodiment of sadness. 
the flowers of monsoon too would stumble like I do now.

(4)நீயும் நானும் சேர்ந்தபோது
கோடைகூட மார்கழி
பிரிந்தபின்பு பூவும் என்னை
சுடுவதென்ன காதலி
துடுப்பிழந்ததும் காதல் ஓடம்
திசை மறந்தது பைங்கிளி
போகும் வழி நூறானதே 
கண்ணீரிநால் சேர் ஆனதே 
இல்லாத உறவுக்கு நான் செய்யும் அபிஷேகம்

neeyum naanum serndha podhu
kodai kooda maargazhi
pirindha pinbu poovum ennai
suduvadhena kadhali
thuduppizhandhadhum kadhal odam
dhisai marandhadhu paingili
poghum vazhi, nooranadhe
kanneerinaal seranadhe
illadha uruvukku naan seiyum abhishegham

when you and me were together,
even the summer felt like winter,
after we got separated, why is it that even the flowers
are hurting me? my love!
as soon as the boat of love lost its paddle,
it has lost its path (made me wander without goals) ! my dear!
the path I take has become difficult (seems like a hundred paths),
it has become sludgy due to my tears,
this is the ritual I offer to the relationship that no longer exists.

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Personal Concerns

Personal Concerns

many thanks for this post dear! it would be great if you could do another post on the duet version of the same song. equally beautiful!

Personal Concerns

Personal Concerns

btw..what does varamale actually mean? When u translate, it wud help if u can mention the meanings of the ‘rare/tough’ words in brackets whenever possible! regards!



@Personal Concerns Sure. We will do one more of the duet. Varamale means “did not come”. I see, point taken. We will try to be as close to the lyrics as possible for the tough words.