[Ko] Netri pottil

One of the nicest #motivating song in the recent times. An upbeat music by #HarrisJeyaraj to lift the upbeat words of #Karky from the movie #Ko. Sung by #NareshIyer.

Movie: Ko
Lyrics: Madhan Karky
Singers: Naresh Iyer
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Year: 2011
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(2)-(5)-(6)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(4)

(1) நெற்றிப் பொட்டில் பற்றிய எண்ணம்
 எட்டுத் திக்கும் பரவ விரும்பும்
 புற்றைக்கட்டும் எறும்புகள் நாங்கள்
 சத்தம் போட்டால் உலகம் திரும்பும்!

netRip pottil patRiya eNNam
ettuth thikkum parava virumpum
putRaikkattum eRumpugaL naangaL
satham poattaal ulagam thirumpum!

The thought formed in the mind;
For it to reach every corner of the world,
We are building hills like ants (without tiring)
[The ant-hills are for other creatures to reside rather than for ants]
For a shout out (from us,) the world would heed!

(2) ஏன் பிறந்தோம்
 என்றே இருந்தோம்
 கண் திறந்தோம்
 அவ்வான் பறந்தோம்

aen piRandhdhoam
endRae irundhdhoam
kaN thiRandhdhoam
avvaan paRandhdhoam

We were existing without knowing,
Why were we born
We soared in those skies,
Once we realised why

Why were we even born,
Was our state of mind,
We opened the eyes,
We flew in those skies)

(3) மாற்றம் தேடியே - தினமொரு
 நேற்றைத் தோற்கிறோம்
 வேற்றுப் பாதையில் - பூமி
 சுற்றப் பார்க்கிறோம்

maatRam thaediyae – thinamoru
naetRaith thoaRkiRoam
vaetRup paadhaiyil – poomi
sutRap paarkkiRoam

In the search for a change, everyday
We are losing a yesterday,
[We aren’t losing time in the present nor future, but just of the past]
In another orbit, we are planning to
Revolve the earth!
[We are planning for a radical change]

(4) விளக்கேற்றும்


Let us go around
As the whirlwind
That lights lamps!

(5) Cafe beach இலும் - கனவினை
 கோட்டைக் கட்டினோம்
 facebook wall இலும் - எங்கள்
 கொள்கை தீட்டினோம்

Cafe beach ilum – kanavinai
koattaik kattinoam
facebook wall ilum – engaL
koLkai theettinoam

Even in cafe and beach,
We built castles of our dreams..
Even in Facebook wall,
We sharpened our goals..
[The popular hangout areas of youngsters, where they are presumed to simply kill time, is negated]

(6) இணைந்தோமே
 பார்ப்போமே !!!

paarppoamae !!!

We joined together,
We showed innovation,
Let us see, what happens!

[Netri pottil song lyrics and translation]

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Thanks Aadhirai for translating this beautiful song. 🙂
Please see if you could translate ‘Thuru thuru kannil’ song from ‘180’ movie. A similar motivational penned by Madhan karky depicting the dream of News Paper delivery boys..



Thank you! 🙂
What a coincidence! That is the song to be published tomorrow.. 😉

Suparna Lokare

Suparna Lokare

is there a translation for other songs from KO like venpaniyae?