[Maa] Ennuyire …


The Lyrics, music and the wonderful voice of Padmapriya Raghavan do some magic here! A song which is deep and touches the soul! Must listen and ponder!

Movie : Maa (Short Film)
Poet : Madhan Karky
Music : Sundaramurthy KS
Singers : Padmapriya Raghavan, Sundaramurthy KS

நீ யாரின் தவறோ?
நான் யாரின் தவறோ?
விடை தேடிக்கொண்டே கரைகிறோம்
விடை காணும் முன்னே கலைந்து போகும்
கனவு தான் இவ்வாழ்க்கையோ?
கனவு தான் இவ்வாழ்க்கையோ?
கனவு தான் இவ்வாழ்க்கையோ?

Nee yaarin thavaro?
Naan yaarin thavaro?
Vidai thedikkonde karaigirom
Vidai kaanum munne kalaindhu pogum
Kanavu thaan ivvazhkaiyo
Kanavu thaan ivvazhkaiyo
Kabnavu thaan ivvazhkaiyo

Whose mistake are you ?
Whose mistake am I ?
Searching for these answers, our whole life starts melting!
Before finding the answer, it completely dissolves away!
it this life just a dream?
it this life just a dream?
it this life just a dream?

(We spend a whole life time finding solutions to questions about our existence and purpose in life; in the end the question still remains, while our current journey comes to an end)

என்னுயிரே என் உயிரே 

Ennuyire, En uyire,

My Dear! My Life!
My Dear!

[Maa] Ennuyire lyrics and meaning

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