[Kannathil Muthamittal] Vellai pookal…

The wounds from the war in Srilanka are still fresh, so many lives ended, so many people lost their motherland and their freedom, so much casualty. Makes my heart bleed!

Now we are witness to the escalating issue in the middle east, the war between Israel Palestine at Gaza, the war brewing between Russia and Ukraine. It is so sad to see the state of affairs that we humans are getting this world into. There is no point talking about who is right or who is wrong! In the larger scheme of things all are wrong! We seem to have lost our Humanity. Let us as pray for some sanity to sink into people who are doing this! Let there be peace!

This song brings out the message of peace! A beauty by #Vairamuthu. Beautifully rendered by #Rahman. The movie #KannathilMuthamittal was among #Maniratnam’s best, a must watch. Delve into its beauty !

Movie:Kannathil Muthamittal
Poet: Vairamuthu
Singer: A.R.Rahman
Music Director: A.R.Rahman
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(1)

(1)வெள்ளை பூக்கள் உலகம் எங்கும் மலர்கவே
விடியும் பூமி அமைதிக்காக விடிகவே
மண்மேல் மஞ்சள் வெளுச்சம் விழுகவே
மலரே சோம்பல் முறித்து எழுகவே

Vellai pookal ulagam engum malargavae
Vidiyum bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidigavae
Manmel manjal veluchcham vizhugavae
Malarae sombal muriththu ezhugavae

Let the white flowers (peace) bloom all over the world,
Let the forthcoming dawn, be the dawn for peace,
Let the bright yellow light fall on this land (Let the hearts be filled with positivity),
Oh Flower (Child)! break your laziness and rise (to blossom)!

(2)குழந்தை விழிக்கட்டுமே
தாயின் கத கதப்பில்
உலகம் விடியட்டுமே
பிள்ளையின் சிறுமுக சிரிப்பில்

Kuzhanthai vizhikattumae
Thaayin katha kathappil
Ulagam vidiyattumae
Pillayin sirumugha sirippil

Let the child wake up
in the warmth of its mother (War has left many children devoid of mother’s affection)
Let the world awaken
to the smile of innocent children (War has killed many innocent children who should have had a future)

(3)காற்றின் பேரிசையும்
மழை பாடும் பாடல்களும் 
ஒரு மௌனம் போல் இன்பம் தருமோ
கோடி கீர்த்தனையும் கவி கோர்த்த வார்தைகளும் 
துளி கண்ணீர் போல் அர்த்தம் தருமோ

Kaatrin perisaiyum
Mazhai paadum paadalgalum
oru maunam poal inbam tharumo
Koadi keertanayum kavi koartha vaarthaiygalum
thuli kanner poal arththam tharumo

Could the magnanimous music of the winds,
and the songs sung by the rains
be as blissful as that of silence?
Could a few million hymns or a poet’s beautiful interplay of words,
convey a meaning as clear as that of a tear drop?

(4)எங்கு சிறு குழந்தை தன் கைகள் நீட்டிடுமோ
அங்கு தோன்றாயோ கொள்ளை நிலவே
எங்கு மனித ஈனம் போர் ஓய்ந்து சாய்ந்திடுமோ
அங்கு கூவாதோ வெள்ளை குயிலே

Yengu siru kuzhanthai than kaigal neetidumo
Angu thondrayo kollai nilavae
Enghu manidha inam poar oyinthu sayinthidumo
Angu koovaadho vellai kuyilae

Where ever a young child stretches it hands,
Oh dear moon, would you please appear there!
When the human race  gets tired of and stops all wars,
wouldn’t the white cuckoo (symbolising peace) sing there (with the dawn of realisation)?

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