[Avam] Kaarirulae Kaarirulae

#KaarirulaeKaarirulae from the movie #Avam sung by #KamalHassan. Lyrics by #Karky and music composed by #SundaramurthyKS.

Movie: Avam
Poet: Madhan Karky
Singers: Kamal Hassan
Music: Sundaramurthy KS
Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(1)-(2)

(1) காரிருளே… காரிருளே… இதயத்தை துளைப்பதென்ன
 உருவமில்லா குரல்களெலாம் எனை எனை அழைப்பதென்ன

Kaarirule kaarirule Idhayathai thulaipathenna?
Uruvam illa kuralkal ellam Enai enai alaipadhenna?

Oh darkest of the nights…. why are you piercing my heart!
Why are voices without shapes (voices of the mind) calling me?

(2) நேற்றுச் செய்த பிழையெல்லாம் மூளைக்குள் கூச்சல் போட
 பூமியெங்கும் அலைகிறேன் ஒலியினைத் தேடியே

Netru seidha pizhai ellam Moolaikkul kuchal pode
Bhoomi engum alaigiren Oliyinmai thediye

The mistakes of my yesteryears are making noises inside my head…
they make me wander around the world in search of light

(3) சூழ்… சூழ்… எனைச்சூழ்… பூகங்கால்… சூழ்…
 குமிலம்… அமிலம்…முளரி… முளரி உளமெங்கும் முளரி
 புலரி… புலரி… எங்கெந்தன் புலரி…
 நானே என் மிருதத்தை சுமக்கின்ற உயிரி…உயிரி…

Suzh, suzh enai suzh Boogangal suzh
Kumilam amilam Mulari mulari ulamengum mulari
Pulari pulari engenthen pulari
Naane en miruthathai sumakinra uyiri Uyiri uyiri..

surround me… surround me with darkness…
Uproar…. sourness… My soul is covered by thorn bushes.
When will I see the dawn?
I am nothing but a life carrying my own corpse. [Reference]

(4) கண்ணீர் கண்மூடும்போது என்னை நான் பார்க்கின்றேனே
 பெண்ணே பெண்ணே நீயே மன்னித்தாலும்
 உண்மை என்னை கிழிக்குதே

Kanneer kanmoodum podhu Ennai naan paarkindrene
Penne penne neeye mannithalum
Unmai ennai kizhikuthe

When my tears go to sleep, I see myself…
Oh girl! even when you forgive me,
the truth tears me apart.

(5) நேற்று நான் கொண்ட காயம் எல்லாம் நீ ஆற்றினாயே
 நெஞ்சில் இங்கே காயம் ஏதுமில்லை
 ஆனால் இன்றோ வலிக்குதே வலிக்குதே

Netru naan konda kaayam Ellam nee aatrinaye
Nenjil inge kaayam edhum illai
Aanal indro valikkudhe

You healed all my past troubles.
There is no more trouble in my heart.
But it hurts me today.

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Kishore Krishnamoorthy

Kishore Krishnamoorthy

Awesome job done in translating the lines and giving the meaning. The lines by Madhan Karky are so mind blowing. Although the official song distributors themselves gives the lyrical videos, the meaning os the lines are still not understtod by many. Your site helps a lot.
I’ve been following your site since a very long time from when it was called TamilThathuvarasigan.wordpress.com.
You guys are doing a great job.
I often feel that I must log in and comment but it takes some time to login from computer and do that. This song definitely made me feel that I must make my remarks about how good a job you’ve done.

The wprds like Mulari, pulari and uyiri are so awesome. It would be very for someone to find the meaning by himself. Thanks for the giving the meaning.



Thanks a lot Kishore for your appreciation. It is followers like you that keep us going. We will continue to do our best.